6 “Weird” Coffee Combos From Mild to Wild, As Seen On Reddit

Looking for a novel coffee experience? 


Are you a novice coffee drinker eager to try new things? Or a coffee connoisseur craving new variety in your java? No matter which you are, these interesting coffee fusions from Reddit might just intrigue you!


1. I love sea salt coffee… It’s delicious. – u/CurvedLightsaber


Coffee and… salt? Hmm. Anyway, this user absolutely raves about this sea salt coffee from a chain of cafes called 85°C Bakery Cafe, so we think there must be something to this combination. 


However, if you’re the one making your usual morning cuppa, another user warns, “A tiny pinch of salt is good to reduce the bite of poorly made coffee. If you can taste the salt, you’ve used too much.” Talk about taking it with a pinch of salt!


So, salt in coffee—to try or not to try? You decide!


Weirdness Rating: Rather strange and requires finesse to execute.


2. Tonic water. It’s excellent! – u/kalisisrising



Having espresso and tonic water may sound like a strange combination, but we assure you that this is one of the least weird combinations here. Tonic water contains quinine, which adds a bright and citrusy flavour to spice up your everyday caffeine fix.


Here’s a pic of our videographer Hao Jie pouring fresh coffee into a cup of iced tonic, to make Coffee Tonic, a favourite of his:

For those looking for an extra oomph to kick start your day, try our alcoholic Coffee Tonic recipe! Love it? Hate it? Tell it to Bartender Jon.


Weirdness Rating: An interesting variation to try.


3. A touch of peanut butter powder doesn’t hurt – u/Banned_User53865660



If you’re a fan of both peanut butter and coffee, then you’re in for a treat — a touch of peanut butter doesn’t hurt, indeed. Adding peanut butter to your coffee makes it taste decadently nutty and creamy, which sounds like a perfect mid-day drink to perk you right up! P.S. Starbucks actually has a Peanut Butter Cup Frappuccino on its secret menu, which consists of Toffee Nut Syrup in a soy milk Mocha Frappuccino topped off with whipped cream and mocha drizzle.


If you’re allergic to peanut butter, have a go with plain old butter instead — there is a Hainanese beverage known as as kopi gu you (meaning coffee with butter) that’s been sold in Singapore hawker centres since the 1930s. If you’re in a more hipster mood, Bulletproof Coffee, a gentrified buttered coffee, may tickle your fancy!


4. My husband freezes ripe bananas, then brews a few ounces of espresso to make a banana coffee milkshake. – u/waywithwords


Honestly, what this user suggests to do with ripe bananas and coffee sounds right up a novice coffee lover’s alley! The banana reduces the coffee’s acidity and rewards you with a much mellower and balanced cup of the drink.

Credit: CookingLight


If you’re too lazy to blend your own bananas, the Korean Binggrae Banana Milk is a delicious popular beverage to sweeten your coffee instead. 


Weirdness Rating: No qualms about downing this one.


5. I use a coffee brine for my prime rib roast. I saw it in a cooking channel recipe once and it was phenomenal. – u/DaMysteriousMustache



Not sure if this user is talking about our cooking channel, because we’ve done a coffee rub for a Western prime rib recipe — and it turned out to be BOMB.

Craving for a more local flavour? Zichar stalls in Singapore and Malaysia also often feature Coffee Pork Ribs in their menu — try it and tell us what you think!


Weirdness Rating: Used in two different cuisines? Not very weird, then.


6. Sip coffee, spoonful of chili. Repeat. It’s orgasmic… Bring extra underwear, and preferably don’t drink it in public. – u/xzieus



You probably won’t need to follow u/xzieus’ advice if you have your coffee with chilli in moderation. Apparently, chilli coffee tastes like a spicy version of coffee, with the spice lingering in your mouth for quite some time after a mouthful, which prompts you to go for a second one. Talk about a virtuous cycle!

Also, we found that that coffee chilli is a thing, too. WIth there being recipes for both foods, these coffee aficionados must be on to something.


Weirdness rating: Probably the most unusual combination out of them all.


Some responses may have been edited for clarity. 


Interested to try these “weird” coffee combos?

Weird or not, these combinations are just some of the myriad unique ways to add colour into your usual morning stimulant. Love it? Hate it? Try it and tell us about your experience!


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