6 Halal Hawker Stalls Selling Your Favourite International Foods

Halal Hawker Food

While there’s truly no lack of options when it comes to delicious eats in Singapore, halal alternatives to international cuisine can be far and few. We’ve sussed out six stalls that serve satisfying halal-certified versions of Korean, Thai, Japanese, and Western food. If you prefer cooking up a storm at home, we’ve also got easy-to-follow recipes for you to bookmark: 

1. Sedap Thai, Berseh Food Centre

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Rainy days call for a sizzling hot Thai mookata-style steamboat dinner at Sedap Thai, a halal-certified stall that uses beef fat to grease the grill in place of lard. Savour the popular platter sets, which come with a selection of chicken, lamb, and beef, as well as seafood and vegetables. The best part about cooking on a dome-shaped grill is having the juices from the grilled meats trickle down into your soup base for extra flavour! 

Recipe idea: Bring home the taste of Thailand with this Jeh O Chula Tom Yum Mama recipe, a comforting hot pot dish featuring rich and creamy tom yum soup base. Replace pork with beef or chicken slices for an equally delicious meal.

Sedap Thai

#01-08, Berseh Food Centre, 166 Jalan Besar, Singapore 208877

Opens Monday to Saturday, 4.30pm to 9.30pm

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2. Big Bowls Project, Amoy Street Food Centre /></h2><p><i><span style=Image Credit: @bigbowlsproj

If you love the variety of grain bowls, then Big Bowls Project will be right up your alley. The Muslim-owned hawker stall offers halal Japanese-style bowls featuring salmon and mentaiko (pollock roe), along with sides like onsen egg, corn, avocado, cherry tomatoes, and vegetables. The rice bowls also come in interesting flavours including Szechuan black bean and tom yum.

Recipe idea: If you’ve got an airfryer at home, why not make your own yakitori? Well-marinated and tender, these juicy chunks of chicken are great for topping over rice for your grain bowl.

Big Bowls Project

#02-90, Amoy Street Food Centre, 7 Maxwell Road, Singapore 069111

Opens Monday to Friday, 11:30am to 2.30pm

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3. OMMAS Korean and Japanese Food, Multiple Outlets

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If you’ve got a craving for Korean or Japanese fare, OMMAS has multiple outlets across Singapore with halal rice bowls and ramyun dishes ready to go. At affordable prices, their menu has a huge spread — from Chicken Teriyaki Rice Bowl, to Beef Udon and even Korean Fried Chicken! 

Recipe idea: Cook up your own Korean feast at home with this fried chicken recipe, which uses a double frying method to attain the beautiful balance of crunchy skin and juicy meat. Swap out the mirin for rice vinegar or a 3:1 ratio of water and sugar.

OMMAS Korean and Japanese Food
Quenstown, Dawson: 85 Dawson Rd, #01-02, S141085

Yishun: 417 Yishun Ave 11, #01-351, S760417 (Kim San Leng Coffeeshop)

Admiralty: 678A Woodlands Ave 6, #01-28, S731678 (Admiralty Place)

Opens Monday to Sunday, 10am to 9pm (Opening Hours may differ)
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4. Butternut, Taman Jurong Food Centre

 /></p><p><i><span style=Image Credit: Butternut

Fusion western food is what Butternut does best, from pizza made in-house to hearty salads. Tucked away at Taman Jurong, the halal-certified stall offers signature dishes like the butternut chicken pizza and sweet potato fries with cinnamon seasoning. The former is a thin-crust pizza topped with Greek marinated chicken slices, roasted butternut chunks, and more.

Recipe idea: For a quick and satisfying snack, try making this Chicago Italian Beef Sandwich—featured in The Bear, an American comedy-drama television series. Made with sirloin steak and a variety of herbs and spices, this juicy sandwich is a must-try.


#02-108, Taman Jurong Food Centre, 3 Yung Sheng Road, Singapore 618499
Opens Tuesday to Sunday, 11am to 2pm, 6pm to 9pm

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5. Fish & Chicks, Islandwide

 /></p><p><i><span style=Image Credit: Fish n Chicks

With outlets all over the island, Fish & Chicks is a halal-certifed western food stall chain that specialises in fish and chips, as well as chicken and seafood. Must-tries include the battered dory fish, which comes generously slathered with salted egg yolk sauce and chili crab sauce. Paired with sides like onion rings, mashed potato, and BBQ baked beans, these hearty set meals will leave you satisfied. 

Recipe idea: Satisfy your cravings for western food at home with this halal-friendly Smoked Duck Carbonara, made with just five ingredients including eggs, orecchiette pasta, and Pecorino Romano. 

Fish and Chicks

Multiple Outlets

Opening Hours differ

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6. Fitra Chicken Rice, Century Square

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With its fragrant rice and delicious condiments, chicken rice is no doubt the national dish of Singapore. Halal-certified stall Fitra Chicken Rice does an excellent rendition with its signature 3 Treasure Rice, which comes with chicken cooked three ways—roasted, steamed, and marinated with soy sauce. Meanwhile, smaller appetites can opt for a simple plate of steam and roasted chicken rice.

Recipe idea: If you’re craving for chicken rice in the comfort of home, consider whipping up this fuss-free recipe. Using boneless chicken thighs, this dish can be easily made in a rice cooker.

Fitra Chicken Rice

#03-19, Century Square, 2 Tampines Central 5, Singapore 529509 

Opens Monday to Sunday, 10.30am to 9pm
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Halal Hawkers in SG

There 6 halal stalls offer a wide array of mouthwatering dishes from different cuisines — prepare to start feasting! Not only do they cater to the dietary requirements of our Muslim friends, but they are also incredibly yummy and an important part of Singapore’s food scene. 

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