Mouth-watering plate of fried rice loaded with all your favourite mix-ins huddled under that luscious soft yellow egg blanket, this delightfully simple combination of egg and ketchup rice topped with rich brown sauce serves as the perfect comfort food on any lazy days.  
As majority of nutrients are found in the rice kernels, the nutritional value in white rice tends to be pale in comparison to brown rice. Rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, brown rice is highly recommended for those watching their weight, cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Get more “Me Time” while enjoying these grains of immunity-boosting nutrients with Kinmemai Better Brown Rice. As a result of their revolutionary rice polishing technology, you can now enjoy these fluffy brown grains with no rinsing required!
With half the battle won, we kept our version of fried rice minimalistic with onions, chicken, carrots and green peas. This popular Japanese culinary staple is best made using day-old rice that has been refrigerated overnight. Remember to stir in every bit of ketchup to ensure each grain is coated with that sweet, red tanginess.
To achieve that rich creamy omelet, whisk the slightly scrambled eggs before pouring back into the pan and fold. Gently slide that beautiful egg pouch onto the rice and carefully slice open to uncover that custardy yellow finish. Complete your dish with demi-glace sauce or try other variations such as cheese or curry!
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Adjust Servings
300g Kinmemai Better Brown Rice
450ml water
50g white onions (diced)
30g carrots (diced)
30g green peas
1chicken thigh (boneless and skinless, diced)
1stalk spring onion (chopped)
70ml ketchup
1tbsp water
12eggs (3 eggs per omelette)
400ml Japanese demi-glaze
Salt and cracked black pepper to taste
3tbsp oil



Cook 300g Kinmemai better brown rice as per cooking instruction with 450ml water. Do not wash the rice.
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Let it rest overnight in the fridge or until it cools down
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Heat 1 tbsp oil on medium heat in a non-stick pan.
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Saute diced white onions until translucent.
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Add in diced chicken and cook for 1-2 minutes.
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Stir in 30g diced carrots and 30g green peas. Cook for a minutes.
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Add in Kinmemai better brown cooked rice. Stir fry for 2 minutes.
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Pour in tomato ketchup followed by 1 tbsp water, stirring until ketchup sauce is reduced and each grain of rice is separate and coated in a shiny sheen of ketchup.
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Season with salt and cracked black pepper.
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Mould a quarter of the rice into an oval shape mould onto a plate.
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Beat 3 eggs in a bowl.
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Using a kitchen paper towel, dip into the bowl of oil. Lightly grease an 8 inch non-stick pan with oil on medium heat.
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Pour in the beaten eggs.
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Immediately stir them up with wooden chopsticks to scramble.
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When the eggs are about 50% cooked, pour it back in a bowl. Whisk gently using a pair of chopsticks.
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Clean the pan. Lightly grease with oil.
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Tilt the pan toward you. Pour the egg mixture back into the pan, to form a crescent.
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Using a spatula, fold the edges, followed by the centre to form an oval shape.
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Gently flip the egg to fold it into 2.
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Tip the pan for the fire to heat the edges, to seal the side seam of the omelette.
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Gently roll the omelet towards and away from yourself, and place it on top of the fried rice.
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Repeat with remaining fried rice and eggs.
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Using a knife, gently slice the omelet, it will fall open and cover the rice with a soft, saucey scramble omelette.
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Drizzle demi-glace sauce over it. Garnish with chopped spring onions.
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