Yusheng With Gin Beetroot Cured Salmon – 三文鱼魚生

Yusheng is an unique Chinese New Year dish that is very Malaysian and Singaporean. It’s a must-have dish to be served, heralding the arrival of Chinese New Year. Each component of the dish has an auspicious meaning. Tossing it high up, joyously shouting auspicious words is such a celebration!

For a twist, we did beetroot citrus cured salmon. The beetroot dyes the salmon a rich ruby hue that screams Chinese New Year. The subtle taste of juniper and citrus of gin with the citrus zests gives it a zing to tease the palate. To follow up with this taste profile, our Yusheng sauce has orange and lime juice in it to lift up and lighten the dish, to cut through the sweetness of the plum sauce. Lo Hei everyone!


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  • Servings: 8

  • Time:

  • Skill: Easy


  1. 300g daikon

  2. 1 carrot

  3. 1 cucumber

  4. Half a red apple

  5. Half a green apple

  6. Half a shingo pear

  7. 100g pomelo

  8. 2 pack Pok Chui Crackers

  9. 1 can of abalone

  10. 1 ready made yee sang set

  11. Salt, pepper and five-spiced powder (optional)

Cured Salmon:

  1. 500g sashimi grade salmon

  2. 50ml gin

  3. 250g beetroot

  4. 1 orange zest

  5. 1 lemon zest

  6. 1 lime zest

  7. 1 tsp black pepper

  8. 40g rock salt

  9. 70 g sugar

  10. 1 tbsp toasted coriander seeds (crushed)

Yusheng Sauce:

  1. 150g plum sauce

  2. 2 tbsp honey

  3. 2 tbsp orange juice

  4. 2 tbsp lime juice

  5. 2 tbsp knife groundnut oil


  1. Peel and shred the beetroot in a food processor

  2. Transfer to a big bowl, add zest the a lemon, a lime and an orange on it

  3. Add 40g rock salt, 70g sugar, 1 tsp black pepper, 1 tbsp toasted coriander seeds (crushed) and 50ml gin. Give it a good stir

  4. Place some of the beetroot mixture at the bottom of the casserole and place the salmon on top of it

  5. Cover the salmon with the rest of the beetroot mixture

  6. Cover with cling film and place a weight on top

  7. Leave to cure in the fridge for minimum 24 hours, maximum 48 hours

  8. Shred 1 carrot, 300g daikon and 1 cucumber into long thin strands

  9. Cut the half a green apple, half a red apple and half a Shingo pear into matchsticks and place in water with a few drops lemon juice to prevent oxidisation

  10. Once curing is done for the salmon, scrape off the beetroot mixture

  11. Rinse salmon under cold water. Pat dry and cut into thin slices and set aside

  12. Cut a can of abalone into thin slices and set aside

  13. In a bowl mix all the Yusheng Sauce ingredients

  14. On a huge plate lay the shredded cucumber, daikon and carrot in the center

  15. Arrange the ingredients the pickle ingredients of the ready made Yusheng with the matchsticks apples, pear and 100g pomelo

  16. Serve by add cured salmon slices, abalone slices and Pok Chui Crackers

  17. Optional to add salt, pepper and five-spiced powder. Pour in the Yusheng sauce and start tossing!

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