Yam Cake – 芋头糕

Many people have this misconception that kuehs are very hard to make. Our yam cake recipe turned out surprisingly simple.

Yam cake is a delicious, satisfying treat. Be it eaten for breakfast , lunch, dinner or supper. A good yam cake should be light and fluffy and filled with chunks of yam in every bite! Now just add your favourite toppings for that extra oomph! Dried shrimps, chinese wine sausage, mushrooms, fried shallots, peanut, spring onion, the combinations are almost endless. That’s the advantage of making it at home!

Try making this for breakfast and surprise your family!

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  • Servings: 10

  • Time: 3 hr 30 min

  • Skill: Intermediate


  1. 500g yam (Peeled)

  2. 50g dried shrimp

  3. 8 dried chinese mushroom

  4. 1 chinese wine sausage

  5. 120g shallots

  6. 100ml oil

  7. 1 tsp five spice

  8. 1 tsp salt

  9. ½ tsp white pepper

  10. 1 tbsp light soy sauce

  11. 200g rice flour

  12. 800 ml water / stock (from soaking shimps and mushrooms)

  13. 50g fried peanuts

  14. 30g chopped spring onions

  15. 15g chopped chilies


  1. Soak 50g dried shrimp in hot water for 30 mins

  2. Soak 8 dried chinese mushroom in water for 30 mins

  3. Peel 1-2 whole yams to get 500g of yam

  4. Cut yam into small cubes

  5. Drain dried shrimp and mushroom, set aside stock

  6. Dice 1 chinese wine sausage and soaked mushrooms

  7. Chop soaked shrimps

  8. Slice 120g shallots in a food processor

  9. Heat 100ml oil in work

  10. Add sliced shallots and stir fry until it starts to brown

  11. Remove and drain fried shallots

  12. With the remaining oil in wok, add chopped yams and stir fry until it starts to soften

  13. Transfer yam to large mixing bowl

  14. Season yam with 1 tsp five spice, 1 tsp salt and And ½ tsp white pepper

  15. With the remaining oil in wok, add diced wine sausage, Chopped shrimp and diced mushrooms

  16. Add 1 tbsp light soy sauce and stir fry until fragrant

  17. Add mixture and half the fried shallots to yam

  18. Mix well and set aside

  19. Sift 200g rice flour

  20. Add 800ml water / stock (from soaking shimps and mushrooms) to wok

  21. Slowly whisk in rice flour

  22. Stir and cook until batter thickens

  23. Add yam mixture and mix well

  24. Oil a deep tray / tin and Transfer batter mixture to it

  25. Steam for 45 mins

  26. Push a skewer into the yam cake, if it comes out clean it’s done

  27. For toppings add the rest of the fried shallots, 50g fried peanuts, 30g chopped spring onions and 15g chopped chilies

  28. Let yam cake rest for at least 1 hour before serving

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