Wagyu Burger

Today’s dish is presented by Chef Kenneth of Gattopardo, featuring his secret recipe of Wagyu Burger with Capsicum Aioli!

What you’ll need (and this is the star of the dish) is a good piece of boneless wagyu short ribs! After pan searing, have it sous vide in a bag for 22 hours while learning to make your own burger buns. The magic in the taste also comes from the roasted red capsicum blended with butter. Paired with mustard, tomatoes, and melted cheese, this one’s a delight to have on a weekend!

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  • Servings: 5

  • Time: 23 hrs

  • Skill: Intermediate


    Burger bun:

    1. 200g bread flour

    2. 6g sugar

    3. 10g fresh yeast

    4. 4g salt

    5. 25g mash potato

    6. 20g extra virgin olive oil

    7. 100g cold water

    8. 40g caramelize onions

    9. 1 egg

    10. 15g white sesame seed


    1. 400g wagyu short ribs(boneless)

    2. 30g extra virgin olive oil

    3. 3 cloves garlic

    4. 1 bay leaf

    5. 1 sprig of thyme

    6. Salt and pepper

    Capsicum Aioli:

    1. 500g red capsicum(roasted and skin removed)

    2. 100ml dry white wine

    3. 4 cloves of garlic

    4. 1 pc red chilli pepper

    5. 50g extra virgin olive oil

    6. 150g butter unsalted

    7. Salt and pepper to taste


    1. 30g dijon mustard

    2. 30g butter unsalted

    3. 2 plum red tomatoes

    4. 5 slices of young cheddar(not to sharp)


      Burger bun:

      1. In a mixer bowl with a hook attachment, add all the ingredients in the burger bun list other then caramelize onions. Mix on low speed for 20 minutes.Then add in caramelize onion and continue mix for 5minutes.

      2. Rest dough for 45 minutes and separate into 80g pieces. Roll up into a ball and allow to proof until double it size.

      3. Pre-heat the oven at 210 degrees Celsius.

      4. Brush the top with egg wash and sprinkle with white sesame.

      5. Bake for approx.8 minutes until golden brown.


      1. Season beef with salt, pepper and 30g extra virgin olive oil. In a very hot skillet, pan sear the beef on all sides till golden brown. Add 3 cloves garlic, 1 bay leaf and 1 sprig of thyme, cook for another minute to release the flavours

      2. Allow to cool down and put into a vacuum bag together with the rest of the ingredients. Vacuum the bag fully.

      3. Sous vide the bag at 70 degrees Celsius for 22 hours.

      4. Remove from bag and keep the juices. Slice beef into 1cm thickness, and marinate back with its own cooking juice.

      Capsicum Aioli:

      1. In a sauce pan, reduce white wine together with roasted capsicum, chilli pepper and garlic cloves until the liquid is almost evaporated.

      2. Turn heat off, and stir in 150g butter unsalted.

      3. Blend together reduced mixture with 50g extra virgin olive oil until smooth.

      4. Keep chilled before use.


      1. Cut the burger bun and toast on both sides till golden brown with butter.

      2. Spread both side of the bun with Dijon mustard.

      3. On the bottom side of the bun, start off with 2 slices of sweet red tomatoes,

      4. followed by the hot succulent beef, and then a slice of young cheddar.

      5. Melt the cheese further with a blow torch to bring out the smokiness of the cheese.

      6. Finish off with a generous topping of capsicum aioli.

      7. Cover the top and serve immediately.

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