Temari Sushi

Give those fancy looking sushi rolls a miss and try your hands at these adorable round shaped sushi instead!
What separates great tasting sushi from mediocre ones lies not only in using fresh ingredients. Rice plays a huge role in its taste profile too. Save time and skip the rinsing process with Kinmemai Better Brown Rice. Lighter and fluffier than conventional brown rice, Kinmemai has gone through the hassle of removing that ‘wax’ coating on the rice so consumers don’t have to! Without the help of any additives or chemicals, their gentle buffing technology helps to take away the coating, so each grain is able to retain its nutrients along with all its great flavours.
Sashimi fish, grilled meat, fresh vegetables or thinly sliced omelette shreds, there are just so many ingredients to choose from. Simply place the toppings of your choice on the cling film, add a rice ball on top, wrap it all up. Give it a firm little squeeze to shape the rice and unwrap to unveil your work of art.
These colourful little rice balls are SO ADORABLE, looking at it just brightens up your day. Fuss free, picture perfect and full of your favourite food – it’s the perfect treat for any occasions!

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Website: http://www.kinmemai.com
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Wipe 10g kombu with a damp kitchen towel.
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Cook 300g Kinmemai better brown as per cooking instruction with 480 ml water and kombu. Do not wash the rice.
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In a bowl, combine 60ml rice vinegar, 2 tbsp sugar and 1 tsp salt. Stir until sugar is dissolved. Set aside.
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Transfer cooked rice into a large mixing bowl,add sushi vinegar mixture and mix well. Set aside to cool.
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Beat one egg. Pour egg into a non-stick pan over medium heat. Swirl pan quickly so that batter covers the whole base of the pan.
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Cook for 1-2 minutes until it's is no longer wet.
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Transfer to a board, roll and slice thinly. Set aside.
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Divide the cooled sushi rice into 16 balls of 30g each.
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On a piece of cling film, lay out slices sashimi grade salmon, add wasabi to taste. Place a rice ball top, wrap cling film and shape into a ball. Twist to tighten firmly to ensure the sushi rice holds its shape then unwrap.
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Repeat the same for sashimi tuna, scallops, avocado and prawns versions. Top scallop sushi with lemon zest.
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For cherry radish sushi, slice cherry radishes with a mandoline, layout into a petal on cling film, add sushi rice ball and shape into a ball. Top cherry radish sushi with Chuka wakame.
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For egg sushi, layout shredded egg on cling film, add sushi rice ball and shape into a ball. Top egg sushi with black sesame seeds.
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For cucumber sushi, shave japanese cucumber into strips with a mandoline, layout on cling film, add sushi rice ball and shape into a ball. Top cucumber sushi with Ikura.
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