Sweet Pumpkin Risotto with Breaded Fillet – 甜南瓜烩饭

Vegan food just got a whole lot better! With the growing number of veganism, there are more meat-free options available than ever before. Crispy outer crust and tender insides, this meat-free breaded fillet is the solution for vegans who want to reminisce about the real deal. Rather than using processed forms of gluten and soy to imitate the flavours and aesthetics of the real thing, Quorn breaded fillet is made with Mycoprotein, a natural type of fungus that went through fermentation. High in protein and low in saturated fat, it is a healthier alternative to meat – great for managing cholesterol levels and those watching their weight.

Pair this delicious alternative with creamy, savoury pumpkin risotto. If you are unfamiliar with basic cooking methods, fear not! For making risotto isn’t difficult at all. Rather, this modest Italian rice dish requires patience and simple techniques. Make sure you use the right rice – short, rounded, chubby grains to soak up all that sweet orangey goodness. The key is to add in hot stock slowly and constantly stir to let all that rice slowly absorb all the liquid, giving that creamy consistency and soft plump rice grains. To make this a full vegan dish, simply substitute the butter and parmesan cheese with coconut oil or vegan parmesan cheese.

Being vegan doesn’t mean having chow down greens and tofu for every meal. With this perfect quick, easy meatless meal, vegans can maintain their strict diet and meat lovers can also savour this healthy meatless alternative too!

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  • Servings: 4

  • Time: 1 hour

  • Skill: Easy


  1. 300g / 2 pcs Quorn Breaded Fillet (vegan)

  2. 200g risotto rice

  3. 500 ml vegetables consommé (refer to recipe below)

  4. 1 red onion

  5. 4 tbsp olive oil

  6. 2 tbsp butter

  7. 100g parmesan cheese (adjust to taste)

  8. 150g Choi sum

  9. 300g pumpkin

  10. ¼ salt

  11. ¼ pepper

  12. Coriander for garnish

Vegetable Consommé:

  1. 300g Chinese cabbage

  2. 300g celery

  3. 300g carrot

  4. 200g white onion

  5. 200g dried soy bean – soaked in water for an hour

  6. 10g white peppercorn

  7. 3L water


  1. Steam the pumpkin till the meat is completely soft and blend it till it becomes a puree, if it is too thick add a little vegetable consomme to dilute the pumpkin puree (set aside)

  2. Blanched the choi sum in hot water for a few seconds and immediately strain into iced water (set aside)

  3. In a pot, sweat onions with olive oil over a medium to high heat.

  4. Add in risotto into the pot and cover it with the consommé just slightly above the risotto and cook it over high heat stirring constantly.

  5. Once the consomme has been absorbed into the risotto, continue adding stock little by little and stirring till the desired texture is achieved

  6. Remove from heat and add in butter & parmesan cheese and stir it all together till the butter and parmesan cheese dissolves.

  7. Add in the pumpkin puree and choi sum to the risotto and mix well.

  8. Deep-fried Quorn Breaded Fillet (vegan) over a pot of hot oil for about 1 minute to make it crispy.

  9. To serve, scoop the risotto and place it at the center of the plate, follow by topping the Quorn Breaded Fillet (vegan) on top of it, ending of with some parmesan cheese and a long stem of coriander

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