Steamed Barramundi with Chinese Ham – 火腿蒸鲈鱼片

The smokiness of the Jinhua ham heightens the subtle sweetness of Kuhlbarra’s barramundi fish. The steamed barramundi fillets are juicy, flaky and simply just melts in your mouth. The splash of hot oil before serving binds the flavors and gives it a smooth finish. The taste of the fish, ham, mushroom and bamboo shoots in one bite is a burst of flavour that explodes to tasty goodness.

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  • Servings: 4

  • Time: 1 hr

  • Skill: Easy


  1. 500g Kuhlbarra barramundi

  2. 5 Chinese mushrooms (soaked till soften)

  3. 100g Chinese Jinhua ham (thinly sliced)

  4. 2 bamboo shoots (sliced ½ cm thick)

  5. 2 tbsp Chinese rice wine

  6. 2 tbsp Knife groundnut oil

  7. Seasoning

  8. ½ tsp oyster sauce

  9. 1 tsp Knife reduced salt Thai fish sauce

  10. ½ tsp sugar

  11. ¼ tsp sesame oil

  12. 1 tbsp Chinese rice wine


  1. Slice barramundi 1 cm thickness

  2. Slice bamboo shoots and mushroom to ½ cm thickness

  3. Slice Chinese ham as thinly as possible

  4. Mix all the seasoning ingredients in a bowl well

  5. Blanch sliced bamboo shoots for 4 minutes

  6. Sprinkle Chinese rice wine on the Chinese ham and steam 5 minutes

  7. In a steaming platter, arrange sliced fish, Chinese ham, mushroom and bamboo shoot in this order. Repeat till it encircle the steaming platter

  8. Spoon over the seasoning sauce

  9. Steamed for 4 minutes, or till the fish is cooked

  10. Heat up 2 tbsp groundnut oil till smoking hot

  11. Pour hot oil over the fish

  12. Serve immediately

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