Smoked Duck Wrap

Think Peking duck with a local twist, and what do you get?

The Meatmen Smoked Duck Wrap.

Smoke up the duck in the oven, throw in plum sauce and homemade chili sauce, and prata wrap it with cool cucumber sticks.

(by smoking it up, we mean getting it from the fridge. Well, at least for now. Stay tuned for our D.I.Y smoked meat guide!)

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  • Servings: 1

  • Time: 15 min

  • Skill: Easy


  1. Smoked duck

  2. Plum sauce

  3. Homemade chili sauce

  4. Pre-made prata or wrap

  5. Cucumber


  1. Toast up the wrap on a hot pan

  2. Sear the smoked duck slices

  3. Spread plum sauce and chili sauce on the wrap

  4. Add smoked duck and cucumber, wrap up and tuck in!

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