Smoked Duck Fried Rice

Ready to impress? This smoked duck fried rice recipe will do the trick — and it’s not as complicated to make as it sounds! Using store bought smoked duck breast, elevate your fried rice recipe today.

Hack: Leaving cooked rice in the refrigerator overnight and mixing well with egg yolk will leave your rice light, fluffy, and bursting of flavour — just like the fried rice from Din Tai Fung!

The succulent, medium-rare smoked duck breast complements well with the richness and fragrant rice, it’ll leave you craving for more. We are using Thai Fragrant Rice from Golden Peony, but feel free to use your usual rice.


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3 Eggs
4tbsp Cooking oil
40g Bamboo shoots (diced)
4Small Prawns (diced)
4Dried mushrooms (diced)
20g Lotus seeds (soaked and halved)
80g Smoked duck (diced)
400g cooked Overnight Golden Peony Thai Fragrant Rice
3Shallots (minced)
3cloves minced Garlic
2tbsp Light soy sauce
½tsp Dark soy sauce
Salt and white pepper to taste
½cup Spring onions (chopped)
165g Smoked Duck Breast (sliced)



Cut garlic, bamboo shoots, rehydrated dried mushrooms into small cubes.
Mark as complete

Dice prawns and smoked duck into cubes.
Mark as complete

Separate egg yolks and whites and mix egg yolks into overnight rice.
Mark as complete

Fry egg whites in a wok pan until nice and browned, set aside
Mark as complete

Pan fry Duck Breast in the wok pan until nice and browned.
Mark as complete

Add in minced garlic & shallots, dried mushroom and bamboo shoots. Stir fry until fragrant.
Mark as complete

Add in Smoked duck and prawns and stir fry.
Mark as complete

Add in overnight rice coated in egg yolk and stir fry over high heat until rice grains separate.
Mark as complete

Add in lotus seeds, light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, salt and pepper to taste and stir fry evenly.
Mark as complete

Turn off heat, add chopped spring onion and mix evenly.
Mark as complete

Slice duck breast and serve over fried rice. Garnish with more spring onions.
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