Singapore Chilli Crab

The weekend is here again! And what better way to enjoy it than to cook up a storm and share this treat with family and friends? This time around, we have none other than the famous Singapore Chilli Crab! The flavorful combination of this sweet and spicy sauce easily makes it one of Singapore’s national favorites.
Not to forget, dipping both the crab and the deep fried mantou in the sauce makes for the perfect bite, there’s no doing without it! Do take note though, that the mantou browns REALLY fast while deep frying, so a tip from us is to constantly flip them from side to side!
Will it be messy? Yes. Will you cry? Probably. Is it worth it? TOTALLY!
Enjoy and have a blast this weekend!

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Adjust Servings
2Mud crabs
5tbsp Tomato Ketchup
3tbsp Sugar
½tsp Salt
1tsp Taucheo (fermented bean paste)
5tbsp Oil
1cup Water
2eggs, beaten
corriander (garnishing)
spring onions (garnishing)
1pack mantou
6 shallots
8 garlic
5red chillies
10dried chillies (rehydrate)
1stalk lemongrass
3chili padi
6candle nuts
4slices galangal
1green lime
2tbsp Belacan



Kill and clean 2 large mud crabs
Mark as complete

Remove gills and crabs
Mark as complete

Cut them into quarters
Mark as complete

Cut 5 red chillies
Mark as complete

Rehydrate 10 dried chillies
Mark as complete

Add 4 slices galangal, 6 shallots, 8 garlic, 1 stalk lemongrass, 6 candle nuts, 3 chilli padis, juice from 1 green lime, and blend into a paste
Mark as complete

Toast 2 tbsp belacan in pan, and add in the chilli paste
Mark as complete

Then add 5 tbsp of oil, and stir fry until aroma comes out
Mark as complete

Add 1 tsp taucheo, 3 tbsp sugar, 1/2 tsp salt, 5 tbsp tomato ketchup
Mark as complete

Add crabs and stir fry
Mark as complete

Add 1 cup of hot water, then cover and simmer for 8-10 mins
Mark as complete

Deep fry 1 packet of mantous
Mark as complete

When the crabs turn bright red, add 2 beaten eggs
Mark as complete

Garnish with spring onions and coriander, and serve with fried mantou
Mark as complete

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