Shi Quan Tonic Soup

2 hr


8 - 10 bowls

This traditional tonic soup uses 10 herbs, when used in combination, are known to tone blood and improve “qi” or energy of vitals, and strengthen general health and immunity. Its medical properties are extensive with research even showing how the consumption of them can reduce the adverse effects of anticancer agents in cancer patients. 
Shi Quan Tonic Soup is a hearty, warming soup filled with intense flavours from the duck and pork trotters. The herbal and richness are nicely balanced with gentle sweetness from the wolfberries, making it a pleasant soup to have. 
It’s more commonly drunk as a confinement soup but it is definitely beneficial to anyone who’s feeling under the weather, especially in the erratic weather we’ve been having in SouthEast Asia.

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Shi Quan 十全 ($12 worth of Chinese herbs from Chinese medical hall)
25g Wolfberries
1Duck (approx. 2.5kg)
1Pork trotter (approx. 1kg) (cut into circular sections)
4 Litres
Salt to taste
Shi Quan herbs (十全大补汤材料):
Rehmannia glutinosa (熟地黄)
Codonopsis pilosula / root (党参)
Astragalus (炙黄芪)
Chuan xiong rhizome (川芎)
Angelica (当归 )
White peony (白芍)
Poria (茯苓)
Atractylodes (白术)
Baked Licorice (炙甘草)
Cinnamon (肉桂)
Tuber fleece flower (何首乌)



Clean and chop duck into smaller pieces. Do not chop the drum sticks up, leaving the breast meat chopped into 2 pieces or you may leave it as a whole to your preference. (Get the butcher uncle to chop for you if possible)
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Blanch all meat. Discard scums and wash thoroughly. Drain and dry. Set aside.
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Boil the herbs in 1 litre of boiling water for 20 minutes . Switch off the heat and let it sit through.
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Top up 3 litres of water to the pre-boiled herbs water. Put in the pork trotter and all of the duck meat except the breast meat. Bring it to a slow boil for 1 hour.
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Finally add in breast meat. Bring it to a boil for 15 minutes. This process will prevent tough breast meat and will give you a much tender and juicy texture.
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Season with salt to taste.
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Serve hot with rice or mee sua.
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