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Sambal Kang Kong – 马来风光

Sambal kangkong is a dish that doesn’t need much prep and looks deceptively simple. BUT, here’s a tip we figured out. The wok has to be SMOKING hot when the kangkong goes in! Fry a small portion at a time and don’t be greedy because the moment too much kangkong hits the wok, the temperature lowers and your stir fry becomes soup!

Pork Ribs King – 排骨王

Happy holidays guys, and do we have a new dish for you! When a dish is called Pork Ribs KING (排骨王), it had better be good! In our case it was definitely worthy of that title. Also referred to as Kyoto Pork Ribs (京都排骨), this dish surprisingly has no direct relationship to Japanese culture. For our version here, we decided to use the cut of pork ribs instead of the usual pork chop that most recipes have used.

Hainanese Pork Chop – 海南炸猪排

Hainanese pork chop is such a delicious delicacy! To start off, pound the pork chop with a mallet or the back of your cleaver to tenderise it. Then marinate it for at least an hour, of course if you have time, the longer the better! This process adds so much flavour to the meat. (**note – only add the baking soda 1 hr before cooking if marinating overnight)

Steamed Garlic Prawns – 蒜茸蒸虾

A simple dish that everyone can cook and doesn’t take up a chunk of your time.

The key to this dish is FRESHNESS. Try to get hold of sea prawns as they definitely taste better than the farmed ones. It is also important to get large prawns so that they won’t get overcooked too easily during the steaming process!

Coffee Pork Ribs – 咖啡排骨

Coffee and pork ribs. Who would have thought that such an unlikely combo would taste so darn good! This awesome coffee flavoured meaty dish works best with some good pork ribs recommended from your local butcher. The end result of this dish is a porky delicacy crispy on the outside, yet so juicy on the inside.