Steamed Purple Sweet Potato Soy Layered Cake

1 hour


7” square

Commonly known as 九层糕 or steamed kueh lapis, this dish is bound to be familiar to most of us who have eaten it growing up. It has a nice smooth texture and is a sure hit for many.
Today’s recipe will be an interesting twist! We are using the limited edition Nutrisoy Purple Sweet Potato Soya Milk (made with real purple sweet potato!) to alternate with regular soya milk to create a purple and white soy kueh lapis. The steps are so so easy, and just require soya milk, a bit of sugar, tapioca starch and rice flour.
Alternate the layers every 4 minutes, and it won’t be long before you have this kueh recreated at the comfort of home, with that purple sweet potato soya taste – A nostalgic yet fun treat for the young at heart!

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For each layer, warm up soy milk with sugar in a sauce pot until sugar is dissolved.
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Transfer to a mixing bowl and stir in tapioca starch and rice flour until well mixed.
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Strain mixture to remove any clumps.
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Grease a 7” square tin with a little cooking oil, then preheat the tin in a steamer.
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Place ½ cup (125ml) of white mixture over the bottom of the tin and steam for 4 minutes.
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Place ½ cup (125ml) of purple mixture over the white layer and steam for 4 minutes.
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Repeat steps 3 and 4, alternating colours until all the mixture is used up.
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After putting the last purple layer on top, steam for 15 minutes.
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Remove from steamer and cool.
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When cool, remove from steamer and cut into slices using an oiled knife.
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