Pork Trotter Beehoon – 猪脚米粉

Pork Trotter Beehoon – 猪脚米粉, is a classic grandparent’s house dish in Singapore and Malaysia. Every household has their own unique recipe but the essence of this dish stems from the canned pork trotters. As much as we advocate fresh ingredients, the flavours from the canned pork trotters is really a guilty pleasure!

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  • Servings:

  • Time: 1hr

  • Skill: Easy



    1. 75g Beehoon (rice noodle)

    2. 1 cans of pork leg with mushrooms (Narcissus brand 397g)

    3. 1 cans of stewed pork (Narcissus brand 256g)

    4. 3 eggs

    5. 4 medium size dried Chinese mushrooms (Pre-soak)

    6. 5 cloves garlic minced

    7. 100g carrots

    8. ½ tbsp of mushrooms seasoning

    9. 10ml fish sauce

    10. 20ml rice wine

    11. 4 tbsp Cooking oil

    12. Chilli Padis & lime (Optional dipping sauce)



      1. Boil 1.5 litres of water for blanching the Beehoon, sieve the Beehoon once soften and rinse with tap water, drain the Beehoon and put aside.

      2. Debone the canned pork legs and stew pork, reserve all stock in the cans and set aside.

      3. Whisk 3 eggs and set aside for frying later.

      4. Finely shred the carrots & dried mushrooms (reserved the mushroom stock for later use) into thin strips.

      5. Prepare frying pan for egg omelettes, separate the whisked eggs into few batches of fried round omelettes, set aside to cool and thinly sliced the omelettes into strips.

      6. Heat 4 tbsp of cooking oil, sauté minced garlic till light brown and dish out half the amount of minced garlic, leaving half in the pan.

      7. Sauté the shredded mushrooms till fragrant.

      8. Add in the Beehoon and briefly mix and stir fry ingredients in the pan.

      9. Add in the reserved pork stock and half of the reserved mushrooms stock and stir fry and mix well.

      10. Add in the mushroom seasonings and fish sauce.

      11. Add in the deboned pork and mix well.

      12. Continue to stir fry till all ingredients are evenly mixed, braise the Beehoon till all stock have been absorbed.

      13. Add in the rice wine.

      14. Add in the rest of the fried garlic and shredded eggs, mix well.

      15. Serve with chilli padis with a squeeze of lime (Dipping sauce).

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