Pineapple Tarts

1 hr 45 min



Pineapple tarts must be the most popular CNY snack in Singapore! The sweet fibrous pineapple jam filling, seated on a crumbly buttery tart base. Who doesn’t like the sound of that?
Instead of grating the pineapples the traditional way we made use of our Magimix food processor and got the grating down under 1 min! By taking time to slowly cook the pineapple fibre in it’s own juices, the flavour intensify, creating a jam that’s both texturally pleasing and flavorful.
There are a couple of variations to this classic snack, from the “open faced” ones to the rectangular taiwanese variant where the filling is wrapped in the pastry. Our favourite type is still the “open faced” ones because, during the baking process the pineapple jam caramelizes and produces this sweet wonderful taste and aroma that one simply cannot resist.

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