Peanut Ice Kacang – 花生红豆冰

Ice Kacang has got to be the most iconic dessert in Singapore and our neighbouring countries! A Mountain of shaved ice, drenched in different coloured syrup and sometimes gula melaka. As kids we used to LOVE standing around and watch the uncle/auntie prepare this sweet treat. (and we still do)

Many of us like to dig beneath the “mountain” for various “treasures” including the soft red bean, various agar agar and the prize – atap seeds. To give this childhood favourite more texture, crushed peanut is used as a topping. Trust us, this tastes really good!

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  • Servings: 1

  • Time: 5 min

  • Skill: Easy


  1. 150g raw red beans

  2. 100g sugar

  3. 400ml water

  4. Ice cubes

  5. Ice shaver machine


  1. 100g sugar

  2. 100ml water

  3. 1 drop red food colouring

  4. 1 drop green food colouring

  5. 50g brown sugar

  6. 50ml water


  1. 1 pack green chendol

  2. 1 pack mixed jelly balls

  3. 1 pack jelly (cut into cubes)

  4. 15 atap seeds (palm seed)

  5. 1 can creamed corn

  6. 50g peanut powder

  7. 50ml condensed milk


  1. Add 150g raw red beans to pot,

  2. 100g sugar

  3. and 400ml water

  4. Cook for 2 hours until beans soften, drain and set aside

  5. Dissolve 100g sugar in 100ml water

  6. Cook on stove until syrup thickens

  7. Divide syrup into two bowls

  8. Add 1 drop of red food colouring to one bowl

  9. and 1 drop of green food colouring to the other bowl

  10. Dissolve 50g sugar in 50ml water

  11. and Cook on stove until syrup thickens

  12. Set aside all three syrup and let it cool down

  13. To assemble, add 3 tbsp cooked red beans,

  14. 2 tbsp green chendol,

  15. 1 tbsp mixed jelly balls,

  16. 1 tbsp jelly cubes,

  17. and 3 atap seeds

  18. Shave ice on top until it forms a cone

  19. Add 1 ladle of each syrup on every side of the ice kacang

  20. Add 1-2 spoonful of peanut powder,

  21. 1-2 tbsp of creamed corn,

  22. and add condensed milk on top depending on preference

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