Easy Thai BBQ Pork Collar

Sap Ubon is a Thai food haven in Singapore that we stumbled upon early last year. It easily became our team’s weekly spot for Thai food!   We’ve tried almost everything on their menu and it was a tough choice deciding which was our favourite. Over the team’s clamouring, Thai BBQ Pork Collar (Kor Moo

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Mee Soto

Mee Soto is one of our favourite and most nostalgic dishes to have especially during Hari Raya. Its aromatic and hearty broth brings back primary school canteen Malay stall vibes; an extra comforting bowl of noodles. Adding a Begedil is a great way to soak up all the flavours of the soup and makes for

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Zi Char Style Mee Goreng

Get your Zi Char cravings fixed with our Zi Char Mee Goreng recipe! Taste the essence of Singapore’s culture in every bite with this super shiok noodle recipe which showcases a blend of Chinese and Malay flavours. A mouthwatering combination of sambal and ketchup sauces that brings a pleasant sweet and spicy flavour to the

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Black Chicken Soup

This Black Chicken Herbal Soup is extra nourishing! Black chicken is a known superfood, especially for women. It’s rich in antioxidants, packed with vitamins B, E and is a source of iron and calcium, making it perfect for replenishing blood after menstruation and regulating women’s menstrual cycle. In the spirit of celebrating women this International

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