Mini Tofu Yam Basket With Scallops – 豆腐扇贝芋窝

This dish is derived from the famous crispy yam ring dish.The crispy yam ring was created by one of Singapore’s Four Culinary Heavenly King, Mr. Hooi Kok Wai out of love for his wife. So much history and love that we have to cook this in our kitchen for our Chinese New Year series.

We made mini crispy yam rings as it’s easier do in a home kitchen. Added tofu to give a fluffier texture to the yam paste. The sweetness and velvety smooth texture of scallop compliments the crispy fluffy yam. This dish can be made 6 hours before frying. Just refrigerate it, take out 15 minutes before frying.

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  • Servings: 10

  • Time: 1 hr 30 mins

  • Skill: Intermediate


  1. 400g yam (peeled and cubed)

  2. 20 large scallops

  3. 1 tube Vitasoy sprouted egg fofu

  4. 30g wheat flour

  5. 30ml chicken stock

  6. 20g vegetable shortening

  7. ½ tsp 5-spice powder

  8. ¾ tsp salt

  9. ½ tsp sugar

  10. Extra wheat flour for coating the yam baskets

  11. Knife premium cooking oil for deep frying


  1. Steam 400g yam (peeled and cubed) for 20 minute or till soft.

  2. While yam is steaming, heat up the 30ml chicken stock. Mix the hot chicken stock with the 30g wheat flour.

  3. Stir till it becomes a paste. Cover with cling film and let it rest.

  4. Once yam is soft, transfer it into a big bow.

  5. Add in ¾ tsp salt, ½ tsp sugar and ½ tsp 5-spice powder.Mash till it becomes a paste.

  6. Mix in the cool wheat starch/chicken stock paste.and 20g vegetable shortening

  7. Add in one tube Vitasoy sprouted egg tofu and mash in into the paste.

  8. Season 20 large scallops with salt and pepper and let it marinate for 20 mintues

  9. Poach scallops for 2 minutes, drain, pat dry and set aside

  10. Pour enough oil till it reaches just the top of the yam basket when it is lowered in it.

  11. Heat up oil till it reaches between 150-170°C

  12. Portion 30g yam paste into a ball

  13. Next roll it into the wheat flour. Shake off excess flour.

  14. Flatten it slightly and make an indent in the centre, big enough to nestle the scallop in.

  15. Press the scallop into the indent, making sure the scallop bottom and sides is encircled with yam paste. Continue with the rest.

  16. Gently lower the yam basket. Fry till golden brown

  17. Drain on paper towel and serve

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