Mince with Spinach and Trio Egg – 素肉三黄苋菜

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This hearty assortment of salted eggs, century eggs and beaten egg whites with spinach is a popular “zi char” favourite. Loved by everyone for its simplicity and versatility, eggs are packed with a load full of proteins, vitamins and healthy fats. Nestled within each type of egg is a distinct taste of its own.

Moving away from the classic salted egg prawns, these simple golden spheres has seen a recent surge in popularity, even finding its way to sweet confectionery and snacks like waffles and chips. Oozing with rich eggy goodness, each crumb of salted egg yolk enriches the dish with its magical salty umami punch. On the contrary, the century egg is duller in appearance and has a rather peculiar odour. But don’t be put off by its gnarly facade, under that dark jelly exterior lies a creamy green yolk with a surprisingly addictive nutty flavour. Lastly, chicken eggs helps to thicken the broth with its silky egg whites.  

Add some texture to your dish without maxing out on your calorie content with Quorn Meat Free Mince. Comparatively lower in fat and calories versus the usual minced pork, this succulent meatless mince is made with Mycoprotein, which is a nutritionally healthy source of protein derived from fermentation of a natural fungus.

Perfect for any novice cook, enjoy these myriad of flavours and essential nutrients with just a few simple steps!

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  1. 100g Quorn mince

  2. 250g Chinese spinach

  3. 1 century egg (diced)

  4. 3 salted egg yolks (diced)

  5. 1 egg white (beaten)

  6. 10 cloves garlic (peeled)

  7. 500ml vegetables consommé (refer to recipe below)

  8. ½ tsp salt

  9. ¼ tsp sugar

  10. 4 tsp Hua Tiao Chiew

  11. ¼ tsp white pepper powder

  12. dash of cornstarch solution

  13. 2 tbsp vegetable oil

  14. 10g wolfberries (soaked in water)

Vegetable Consommé:

  1. 300g Chinese cabbage

  2. 300g celery

  3. 300g carrot

  4. 200g white onion

  5. 200g dried soy bean – soaked in water for an hour

  6. 10g white peppercorn

  7. 3L water


  1. Deep fry 10 cloves of garlic until golden brown, strain and set aside.

  2. Flatten 3 salted egg yolks, steam for 6-8 minutes until cook. Cut into quarters and set aside

  3. In a wok, bring to boil 2 tbsp vegetable oil with 500ml vegetables consommé.

  4. Add fried garlic cloves, 100g Quorn mince, salted egg yolks and diced century egg.

  5. Season with 4 tsp Hua Tiao Chiew, ½ tsp salt, ¼ tsp sugar and ¼ tsp white pepper powder. Thicken with a dash of cornstarch solution.

  6. Add 250g Chinese spinach and cook for a few minutes.

  7. Stir in beaten egg white. Turn off heat and mix well.

  8. Serve and garnish with soaked wolfberries.

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