we are your one-stop shop for all things media.

the meatmen team is youthful, vibrant and innovative. we are digital natives bred on quality content with an artistic touch. our team is plugged into the f&b scene in singapore; just a call away are revolutionary f&b players.

Digital Marketing

We are a boutique digital marketing agency focused on helping F&B brands grow.

Unique Storytelling

unique and authentic voice to tell your story.

food and lifestyle brands.

A full suite creative, digital marketing & brand consultancy agency; based in Singapore, specialising in F&B and lifestyle industries.

Creative content

- Photography & videography
- Copywriting
- Food styling
- Recipe development

Digital marketing

- Social media growth & management
- Website & e-commerce development
- Google Ads / SEM

Design communications

- Graphic design for
- Brand creation / revamp

We are storytellers.


Come tell stories with us. Market your brand like never before. Make real impact today.

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