Lemongrass Butter Prawns

Perfumed with the aroma of butter and lemongrass. Here’s a different take, different from the usual creamy butter prawns.
A fun play with flavours and textures. Crispy caramelised butter crumbs stir fried with succulent prawns and fragrant lemongrass.
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600g large prawns (deveined)
2tbsp butter
2stalks lemongrass (minced)
1pandan leaf (julienned)
3chilli padis (chopped
3sprigs curry leaves
¼tsp salt
¼tsp sugar
tsp white pepper
Oil for deep frying
Butter sauce:
60g butter
120ml evaporated milk
1pandan leaf (Knotted)
tsp salt
¼tsp sugar



Slit prawns in the middle and devein it.
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To make butter sauce, combine 60g butter, 120ml evaporated milk, 1 knotted pandan leaf, ⅛ tsp salt and ¼ tsp sugar in a non stick wok.
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Cook on medium heat until the oil has separated and crumbs foamed.
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Drain and set aside.
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Flash-fry prawns for 1 minute. Dish out and drain. Set aside.
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Melt 2 tbsp butter on medium heat.
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Saute minced lemongrass, julienned pandan leaf, chopped chilli padis and curry leaves until fragrant.
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Add in the butter sauce solids, Season ¼ tsp salt and pepper (Adjust to taste).
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Add the fried prawns. Stir fry until well mixed.
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Dish out and serve hot.
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