Kueh Tutu – 嘟嘟糕

Kueh tutu is a small steamed cake made of finely pounded rice flour and filled with either ground peanuts or grated coconut cooked in gula melaka.

It is made by steaming rice flour in a special mould. The step of dry frying the rice flour, sieving it after adding water to it and letting it rest 30 minutes before steaming will ensure the unmolding process goes smoothly without cracks.

For those who prefer your kueh light and airy, don’t compress the rice flour when molding.

Give it a try, with family members or friends. Create the perfect bonding moment and enjoy piping hot kueh tutus in the comfort of your homes!

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  • Servings: 12 pieces

  • Time: 1 hour

  • Skill: Easy


  1. 130g rice flour

  2. 3 pandan leaves (cut into 5cm)

  3. ¼ tsp salt

  4. 2 tsp sugar

  5. 80ml hot water

Coconut filling:

  1. 80g grated coconut

  2. 70g chopped gula Melaka

  3. 2 tbsp water

  4. ¼ tsp salt

  5. 2 pandan leaves (cut into 5cm lengths)

Peanut Filling:

  1. 50g ground peanut

  2. 40g sugar

  3. For steaming

  4. 12 square 8x8cm muslin cloth

  5. 12 square 8x8cm banana leaf


  1. Place 70g chopped gula Melaka, 2 tbsp water and pandan leaves in non-stick wok/pan. Once the gula melaka has melted add in ¼ tsp salt and 80g grated coconut. Fry for 3 minutes and set aside.

  2. Mix 50g roasted peanut powder with 40g sugar. Set aside.

  3. Dry fry 130g of rice flour with 3 pandan leaves on medium heat for 5 minutes. Discard pandan leaves. Cool the roasted rice flour.

  4. Dissolve ¼ tsp salt and 2 tsp sugar in 80ml hot water.

  5. Sprinkle the water mixture onto the roasted rice flour. Use a fork to crumble the wet dough. The end result should be bread crumb like texture.

  6. Sieve the rice flour mixture to get a sand like texture. Rest it for 30 minutes.

  7. Using a kueh tutu mould, fill half of the mould with the rice flour, spoon in ½ tsp of gula melaka coconut filling / peanut filling and cover with roasted rice flour mixture.

  8. Cover with a muslin cloth and place it down on a steamer rack. Gently unmold it.

  9. Repeat the process until the steamer rack is full.

  10. Steam for 7 minutes.

  11. Remove by inverting it on a plate. Gently peel off the cloth. Place a banana leaf on it and invert back.

  12. Eat it while it’s steaming hot..yummms

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