[FRUITY TWIST] Assam Chill Prawns

15 min


3-4 pax

If you like the taste of assam, then you’re in for a treat! This recipe has a fruity twist on the classic Assam Chilli Prawns, sweet & tangy all at the same time! The sweetness from the pineapple infused with sauce~ MmmmImmensely delicious and surprisingly straightforward to cook. Try this recipe out this week and share the seafood love!

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Adjust Servings
3tbsp Tamarind pulp (mixed with half cup of water , strained and set aside)
1quarter pineapple
600g Prawns (trim off the legs and deveined)
3Tomatoes (cut into wedges)
2tbsp Cooking oil
Sugar & salt to taste
8 Candlenuts
8slices Galangal 
2stalks Lemongrass (trim and use the white stem portion)
200g Shallots  
2tsp Torch ginger Flower (chopped)
1inch knob Turmeric
2tsp toasted belacan
2tbsp Dried chilli paste 



Grind all spices in a blender into paste
Mark as complete

Heat oil in wok and add spices, stir fry till fragrant
Mark as complete

Add turmeric juice & pineapple cubes, bring to boil
Mark as complete

Add prawns and saute.
Mark as complete

Once prawns cooked & turn to pink color, add in the tomatoes
Mark as complete

Add sugar & salt to taste
Mark as complete

Dish out and serve hot
Mark as complete

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