Fried Prawns with Wasabi Mayo – 芥末酱炸虾

In need for an idea of a party snack? This Fried Prawns with Wasabi Mayo – 芥末酱炸虾 is definitely a winner! Beautifully fried golden brown shrimps dipped in a savoury yet spicy wasabi mayonnaise. The additional zest from the lemon really allevates this dish as well as a splash of lemon juice. This addition provides the acidity to cut through the oil to make the dish less surfeiting after eating a few pieces.

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  • Servings: 2 - 3 pax

  • Time: 30 minutes

  • Skill: Easy


  1. 10 pieces of medium size prawns

  2. Salt to taste

  3. Pepper to taste

  4. 1 egg (beaten)

  5. 3 tbsp plain flour

  6. 4 tbsp panko

Wasabi Mayo Sauce:

  1. 35g Wasabi paste (adjust to your preference)

  2. 3 tbsp mayonnaise 

  3. 20ml Lemon juice

  4. Lemon zest


  1. Deshell and devein prawns, set aside.

  2. Season prawns with salt & pepper to taste.

  3. Dip prawns into flour, dust out excess flour and dip into beaten egg, thereafter transferring it to panko, coat well and set aside.

  4. Deep fry coated prawns in medium high heat, drain well and set aside.

  5. Prepare sauce by combining mayo, wasabi , lemon juice & some lemon zest. Mix well.

  6. Drizzle over prawn or you may serve it as a dipping sauce too.

  7. Garnish prawns with some lemon zest.

  8. Serve hot.

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