Foie-ffle – Waffles with Foie Gras Butter

From Chef Jonathan Lee of Artichoke comes the Foie-ffle, a hearty recipe of waffles with foie gras butter, which is an invention of creativity. Now, how this is done is by having the duck liver pate folded into butter, served like an ‘ice cream’, while adding corn kernels into waffle batter. Paired with sprinkles and syrup, this is a super simple dish for you to make in any time during the day if you love foie gras, waffles or both!

This is the second of the three DBS “Live Your Dream” recipe videos featuring home-grown chefs! Watch the full video and hear from Chef Jonathan how being an aspiring chef is like in Singapore! ( Come support home-grown talents like Chef Jonathan in the DBS “Live Your Dream” culinary competition at SAVOUR festivals:

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  • Servings: 8

  • Time: 40 mins

  • Skill: Easy

  • Colored Sugar Sprinkles

  • Foie gras butter:

    1. Duck liver pate 500g

    2. Butter, unsalted 450g

    3. Salt to taste

    Orange blossom golden syrup:

    1. Golden syrup 500ml

    2. Orange blossom 3 tablespoons


    1. Flour 2 cups

    2. Baking powder 4 teaspoons

    3. Salt ½ teaspoon

    4. Sugar ¼ cup

    5. Eggs 2

    6. Water 2 cups

    7. Corn ¼ cup

    Orange blossom golden syrup:

    1. Combine orange blossom and golden syrup

    Foie Gras butter:

    1. In a mixer, whip up the butter till its light and fluffy. Scoop out and place in a bowl

    2. Place the liver pate into the mixer and mix till the pate is soft in texture. Scrap the mixture into the same bowl as the butter

    3. Fold the liver pate into the butter until fully incorporated


    1. Combine all the dry ingredients

    2. Add the eggs

    3. Pour the water in bit by bit, while mixing the mixture

    4. Add batter to waffle maker, cook until gold brown


    1. Serve waffle with 1 scoop foie gras butter

    2. Drizzle with orange blossom syrup and add colored sugar sprinkles

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