Eco City Hydroponics

Eco City Hydroponics Pte. Ltd. is established in Nov 2010 in Singapore with Company Registration Number 201023678M. It is also a Singapore Government GeBiz registered company.

The vision of Eco City Hydroponics is Home Farming and Eco Lifestyle. It aims to promote home farming as a healthy lifestyle and hobby in today’s hectic and stressful society. Home farming is fun as you get to learn and experiement various ways to grow your own crops and vegetables. Home farming has a great de-stressing effect and energize your life. You also feel a great sense of acheivement and satisfaction from eating your own home grown crops.

Home farming based on hydroponics and aquaponic is also fast becoming a healthy and Eco Lifestyle in the world as people are more conscious on health and want to know what they are eating. Hydroponics plants are completely free from pesticles. Hydroponics growing process is also higly Eco Friendly and Efficient with little waste as you feed the plants with elements that are essential for plant grow.

The missions of Eco City Hydroponics to acheive this vision are:

Provide a user friendly one-stop online store selling a comprehensive range of hydroponics products, such as plant nutrients, hydroponics growing systems, LED grow lights, seeds, growing and germination media, meters etc, as well as aquaponics products. You enjoy the convenience of placing order 24/7 days, anytime and anywhere.
Provide hassle free islandwide same day / next day home delivery. Our delivery charge is only a mere SGD6.00 per order. We also provide free home delivery for order above SGD200. You can save precious time, money and hassle from our home delivery service.
Partner with established hydroponics companies and institions to developr new home farming products such as plant factory.
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