Double Boiled Black Chicken Soup

4 hours 30 minutes



Our body needs revitalising once in awhile. The best way is double boiling a nutritious soup and adding BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken with Cordyceps. It helps to increase the body’s qi (vital energy), stamina, maintaining an overall well being and speeds up recovery from fatigue and illness.
Black chicken is frequently used in tonic soups as it is chock full of antioxidants. The antioxidant that is found in black chicken is Carnosine and its twice the amount found in normal chicken. It is known to have positive benefits for speech skills, auditory gains, motor skills development and eyesight.
With this recipe, your antioxidant levels are boosted up. It will help fight free radicals in the body and keep you healthy from sicknesses. One of the best tonic soup you can indulge in yourself or the family.
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Adjust Servings
2bottles Brand’s Essence Of Chicken With Cordyceps
1black chicken
8dried scallops
2korean ginseng
5slices huai shan
15g wolfberries



Blanch black chicken in hot water for 5 minutes.
Mark as complete

Place in ceramic double boiler.
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Add in 8 dried scallops, 2 korean ginseng, 5 sticks of huai shan and 15g wolfberries.
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Pour in hot water, enough to cover the black chicken.
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Double boil for 4 hours.
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Add in 2 bottles of Brand’s Essence Of Chicken with Cordyceps.
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Serve hot.
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