Coffee Pulled Pork Hash By SATS

45 min


3 - 4 pax

FoodFlix, a brand accelerator by SATS, collaborates with F&B brands, hawkers and startups to bring quality products to your dining table through its culinary innovation and central kitchen capabilities. In this episode of Over To You, we explore how one simple coffee sauce recipe can be repurposed in different ways for any home cook!

SATS Executive Chef Matthew from SATS shares with us a tantalising Country Pork Harsh recipe starring iconic local Zi Char brand, Keng Eng Kee Seafood’s Coffee Sauce.

About FoodFlix:
FoodFlix taps SATS’ capabilities, food technologies, and distribution network to help SMEs access new retail channels. Consumers are able to look forward to delicious food products in their nearby supermarkets and other retail channels. SATS believes in supporting local hawker and F&B brands to preserve each country’s unique food heritage by generating collective value to help them thrive in today’s evolving F&B landscape. Learn more:

About SATS:
SATS is Asia’s leading provider of food solutions and gateway services. Using innovative food technologies and resilient supply chains, we create tasty, quality food in sustainable ways for airlines, foodservice chains, retailers and institutions. With heartfelt service and advanced technology, we connect people, businesses and communities seamlessly through our comprehensive gateway services for customers such as airlines, cruise lines, freight forwarders, postal services and eCommerce companies.

Fulfilling our purpose to feed and connect communities, SATS delights customers in over 55 locations and 14 countries across the Asia Pacific, UK, and Middle East. SATS has been listed on the Singapore Exchange since May 2000. For more information, please visit

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Adjust Servings
100g coffee sauce from KEK Seafood Recipe
200g baby pork rib  
100g Idaho Potato 
2tbsp Chopped fried onions
1tbsp Chopped spring onions
1tbsp Dried shallot
Pinch of salt 
Dash of pepper 
Plain flour for coating
Cooking oil   
Mixed salad
Goma dressing 



Remove bone from pork rib from here and slice. 
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Bake the potato in a pre-heated oven at 160C till cooked, peel and mashed with a forks 
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Add baby rib, mashed potato, fried onion, spring onion and dried shallot, seasoning and coffee sauce in a bowl and mix well. If the harsh is too wet, add some flour and mix well. 
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Mould hash into approx 60gm balls and flatten lightly. Then coat with flour.
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Add oil into a heated frying pan and pan fry harsh till brown and set aside. 
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Served with mixed salad and dressing.
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