Chilli Ban Mee

Originating from the capital of Malaysia, Chilli Ban Mee is one of the most popular and must-try dishes in Kuala Lumpur! However, in Singapore we usually call this dish as Chilli Ban Mee, in fact, it is actually the same dish as Pan Mee in Malaysia. In chinese, Pan Mee is 板面 – ban mian = Ban Mee! VIOLAA~  In this version of our recipe, the ban mee is served with crispy anchovies, savoury minced pork, a poached egg and the SUPER BOMB homemade fried chilli paste! 
The fried chilli paste is an integral part of this dish but, with flavours like this you can eat it with anything you like! 
Until then, Stay Cookin~!

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250g minced pork
1tbsp oyster sauce
2tbsp light soy sauce
1tbsp sesame oil
1tbsp Hua Tiao wine
¼tsp white pepper powder
300ml oil (for deep frying)
100g dried anchovies (ikan bilis)
120g shiitake mushrooms
250g ban mian
2 eggs
1tbsp white vinegar
Spring onion for garnish
Chilli Paste:
20g dried chillies (soaked)
6chilli padis
80g shallots
1tbsp toasted belacan
300ml oil
50g dried shrimp (roughly chopped)
80g garlic (minced)
½tsp salt
½tsp sugar



In a mixing bowl, mix minced pork, sesame oil, oyster sauce, light sauce and white pepper powder. Let marinate for at least 30 minutes.
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In a food processor, blend soaked dried chilli, chilli padi, toasted belacan and shallots. Remove and set aside.
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In a pan with oil at low heat, fry dried shrimps until crispy.
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Add in minced garlic and stir fry until light brown.
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Add in chilli mixture. Stir fry until colour changes into a dark red. Season with salt and sugar.
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Stir fry for another 10 minutes. Remove from heat and set aside.
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Deep fry dried anchovies until golden brown and crispy. Strain and set aside. Reserve the oil.
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In a pan with anchovies oil, stir fry marinated minced pork with shiitake mushrooms. Remove and set aside.
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In a pot with water, add in 1 tbsp of white vinegar. Bring to a light simmer.
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Individually crack the eggs into bowls.
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Gently stir the water and pour the egg into the water.
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Let it poach for 3 - 4 minutes. Remove from water and set aside.
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Boil 5 liters of water. Cook ban mee for 2-3 minutes until cooked
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Strain and transfer to a serving bowl.
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In a bowl, top ban mee with chilli paste, deep fried anchovies, deep fried shallots, minced pork, poached eggs, and spring onion.
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