Chicken Burrito Bowl

Often dominated by the savoury blend of salt, citrus and heat, Tex-Mex food is well-known for its rich symphony of flavours. And through a series of culinary creations, there came about the glorious invention of burrito bowls! Time to say “Hasta La Vista!” to overpriced Mexican food at fancy restaurants, and whip up this budget friendly Chipotle-style burrito bowl easily in just half an hour.
To get those peppery and zesty flavours infused into the meat, marinate the chicken with taco seasoning and lime. To further add on to zesty blend of flavours, simply stir in the fresh juices from the lime and coriander into the cooked rice. Mexican food will not be complete without guacamole and salsa. The tip to making the perfect guacamole is using good, ripe avocados. Simply mix in all the ingredients into mashed avocados and it’s done! Similarly just mix in the same ingredients with cherry tomatoes and there is your fiery salsa dip to spice up the fresh creamy avocado mix. We got our ingredients for the recipe from RedMart.
Good for maintaining both your wallet and waistline, you can easily play around with the combinations based on your own tastes. Enjoy this fabulous looking, fuss free burrito bowl anywhere, anytime while savouring the authentic tastes of Texan and Mexican fusion.
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Wash and pat dry 3 chicken thighs.
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Marinate it with 1 packet taco seasoning and juice from half a lime for 2 hours.
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In a pan, heat 1 tbsp olive oil on medium heat. Pan fry chicken thighs 3 minutes on each side, until cooked. Season with salt if needed.
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Transfer to a plate. Rest for 10 minutes before dicing into large chunks.
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Cook 150g rice with 300ml chicken broth and ¼ tsp salt. Once rice is cooked, stir in juice from half a lime and 5g chopped coriander.
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For guacamole, mash 1 ripe avocado. Mix in juice from half a lime, 5g chopped cilantro, ½ minced green chili padi and 15g diced red onion. Season with kosher salt to taste.
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For tomato salsa, in a bowl mix 100g quartered cherry tomatoes, 5g chopped cilantro, ½ minced green chili padi and juice from half a lime. Season with kosher salt to taste.
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Microwave 1 un-shucked bi-coloured corn for 3 minutes. Let it cool before shucking off the husks. Stand corn, stem side down on a cutting board. Slice down along the cob. Transfer the kernels into a bowl.
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In a bowl, mix in half of the corn kernels with 100g black beans and ½ diced red bell pepper. Season with kosher salt and black pepper.
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Scoop rice into a bowl. Arrange diced chicken, chopped romaine salad, black bean salad, a spoonful each of tomato salsa, sour cream and guacamole on the rice.
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Mix everything to combine before eating.
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