Korean Seafood Pancake - 韩式海鲜煎饼

Korean Seafood Pancake – 韩式海鲜煎饼

No one will stop at just one bite with this crispy seafood pancake accompanied by a delightful savoury and tangy soy dip! According to the Koreans, savoury pancakes are THE comfort food that should be eaten during rainy days and that seafood pancakes are also best paired off with ‘makgeolli’ (milky rice liquor).

Deep Fried Oysters – 酥炸牡蛎

These delightful oyster party poppers suits every occasion from a casual family dinner to a Saturday night party. Sure to make your guests go wow.

Fried Oyster Cake – 炸蚝饼

Fried Oyster Cake (炸蚝饼) is also known as UFO due to it’s rounded shape. It’s a snack which is crispy on the outside and yet moist on the inside when done right.

Oyster omelette – 耗煎

Oyster omelette (耗煎) – There’s very few hawker food fans who have not tried this before. In this video we attempt our own version of this fan favourite!