Crab and Mango Fritters – ่Š’ๆžœ่Ÿน้ฅผ

Here’s a recipe for delicious festive patties for your Xmas celebrations! We diced honey mango with DoDo imitation snow crab meat, and made a mixture of patties before coating them with panko bread crumbs. Deep fry them until crispy set aside – ready to serve your Xmas gathering guests. ๐Ÿ™‚ To find out more about […]

Mango Pomelo Sago – ๆจๆž็”˜้œฒ

Most people should have heard of this classic Hong Kong dessert. Rich flavours from mangos form the base of this dessert. That combined with the citrusy notes from pomelos makes it surprisingly refreshing.

The addition of sago and evaporated milk gives it a really smooth and creamy texture.

Mini Yoghurt Fruit Tarts

For summer-ish Singapore, fruit tarts are somewhat a great snack for the mid-day hunger pangs, when you need a quick fix for the family over the weekends. This recipe is a fairly straightforward one that you can easily use MARIGOLD Non Fat Yoghurt to create some yummilicious yoghurt fruit tarts!

Chinese Rojak

Chinese rojak is one of the many popular dishes thatโ€™s famous not jusst because of itโ€™s sweet and sour flavours, combined with the crispiness of the you tiao and tau pok.