Chye Poh Tofu – 菜圃豆腐

Chye poh or preserved radish bits makes an excellent savoury topping for any dish. When fried in oil, It releases this concentrated radish aroma and is sweet and crispy at the same time. This goes so well with the deep fried tofu which is crusty on the outside and soft on the inside.

Chai Tow Kway – 菜头粿

Black, or white? There’s always the debate on whether people like the black or white version of carrot cake, and we’re happy to say WE DID BOTH. Who needs choice when you can have both?

Chwee Kueh – 水粿

One of our local breakfast favourites, this is something that every Singaporean loves with a passion!

Chwee Kueh literally means water cake. It is a type of steamed rice cake topped with preserved radish (chye por).