Lemon Chicken Chop – 柠檬鸡扒

A long forgotten dish overshadowed by the Taiwanese and Korean fried chicken craze.

Now, everyone must have eaten LEMON CHICKEN or heard of it before somewhere! This classic dish was wildly popular decades ago. Everyone, from the young to the old loved it! Good old crispy fried chicken coated with a sweet and tangy sauce, oozing with fresh scent of lemons.

Lemon Drizzle Loaf

Mother’s Day — also known as the day everybody stresses about to their friends but never really getting round to doing much — calls for some tender loving attention. The one thing every mother would love nothing more, would be to settle down on a Sunday afternoon with her kids, and dig into a buttery cake with a comforting cup of tea. And no, you’re not allowed to takeaway the cake from P.S Cafe.

Eggs Benedict

Warm muffins, sassy savory bacon and loose runny yolk. Don’t forget the freshly made hollandaise sauce, creamy butter soaked with more eggy goodness. We had the idea of making Eggs Ben from scratch – muffin to sauce. Many eggs were killed in the making.