7 Asian Pastas To Spice Up Your Dinner Table

Easy Fusion Pasta Recipes Pasta is one of the most versatile ingredients to cook with, but perhaps you’re feeling tired of the usual bolognese, carbonara and aglio olio. Well, fusion versions are a good option to spice up your home cooked pasta menu!   These 7 fusion pasta recipes will surely surprise and wow your […]

7 Recipes with 8 Ingredients or Less to Minimise Grocery Trips

Quick and Easy Recipes With the recent spike in community cases, it probably means less dining out at your favorite restaurant or coffee shop, but more time to cook at home instead! Now, you may be dreading that long and daunting grocery list that awaits you, but here’s some good news: we’ve put together 7 […]

6 Dishes You Can Cook Up In Less Than 15 Mins

Quick Meals With MAGGI® Decked in its iconic red and yellow packaging, MAGGI® is a household brand. Just scan your kitchen, you’d definitely find a product or two! From instant noodles to sauces to pre-mixes, there are infinite ways to use MAGGI®. Here are 6 quick and easy dishes that will have you rethinking what […]

A Gen Z Ang-Moh-Pai’s Take on Mid-Autumn Festival

Header image adapted from (Source: Visit Singapore) Celebrating traditions and heritage   Although I’m Teochew, I find that I rarely introduce myself as one whenever I greet someone. Additionally, my parents and grandparents like to remark that I’m an ang moh pai (a Westernised Chinese). I really can’t blame them — I don’t speak the language, […]

7 Mooncake Flavours To Add To Your Must-Try List

Header image adapted from InterContinental Singapore, Awfully Chocolate, Goodwood Park Hotel and Four Seasons Hotel Singapore  Interesting Mooncakes in Singapore   If you look up into the sky over the next few nights, you’ll realise the moon is shining the brightest it will ever be throughout the year. You know what that means… The Mid-Autumn Festival […]

7 Peranakan Recipes to Impress Your Grandma

Nyonya dishes and desserts It’s no secret that the decadent dishes of the Peranakan cuisine are notoriously difficult to prepare. They are infamous for taking hours to prep and cook. These days, you’ll hardly find anyone casually cooking them at home — it’s always a restaurant affair.   Since dining out is out and eating […]

6 Easy Prawn Dishes To Make At Home, Including Salted Egg Prawns in 30 Mins

Prawn Recipes 2021   The past few weeks have been a crazy rollercoaster of uncertainty in Singapore. Between looming cases and the possibility of CB 2.0, it has been a great reminder to cherish our loved ones and appreciate what we have everyday!    That said, with so many things shaking up, it’s nice to […]

9 Homecook-Approved Ways to Cook Fish, Including Cod Fish and Salmon

Easy Fish Recipes Fish is among the healthiest meats on the planet. It is packed with good stuff like protein, vitamin D and omega-3 fatty-acids. In the midst of the pandemic, a healthy diet is more important than ever and we are here to help!   While perhaps we’re all familiar with our usual steamed […]

8 Easy Afternoon Snacks To Make At Home

Snacks for Tea Break   It’s no secret that 3 meals a day isn’t always enough for some of our hungry tummies. However, instead of reaching for that bag of potato chips, how about trying out one of these recipes for a quick and exciting tea break? From sweet muah chee to savoury luncheon meat […]