Bird’s nest with lily bulb and gingko nuts – 百合炖燕窝

Here’s an easy-to-make bird’s nest brew to warm up a heart (and belly) or two!  This nutritional powerhouse hails all the way back to the days of emperors, surviving the test of time to earn a firm place as a legendary Chinese delicacy.  Fortunately, these days we do not need to risk our necks sneaking into an imperial kitchen for a little brush with heaven!

In our recipe, we combine traditional and minimally processed bird’s nest with a wholesome harvest of red dates, lily bulbs, and also gingko nuts which are famed for facilitating mental acuity.  

We use Huiji’s Bird’s Nest with American Ginseng to really highlight the delicate taste of the lily bulbs and give it an extra boost.  It has just the right amount of rock sugar for that subtle sweetness, and we love that it cares enough to keep our bodies free from any artificial additives or stabilisers. It is also one of the few bottled bird’s nests that uses 100% pure, premium bird’s nest strips. Produced with stringent quality control, every bottle has high content of natural bird’s nest!

This tasty treat makes for the perfect antidote with which to power up for the next exam crunch or looming deadline.  Break those records without breaking your bank!

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  1. 3 bottles Huiji Bird’s Nest With American Ginseng & Rock Sugar

  2. 30g fresh lily bulb

  3. 8 gingko nuts

  4. 2 red dates


  1. Gently break up 30g lily bulb into individual scales. Wash and drain dry.

  2. Pour 3 bottles Huiji Superior Quality Bird’s Nest With American Ginseng & Rock Sugar, add in the lily bulb scales, 8 gingko nuts and 2 red dates into a double steamer.

  3. Steam it for 15 minutes.

  4. Can be served either warm or cold.

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