Avocado Soy Milkshake

15 mins



Terribly misunderstood for having a high fat content, avocado is in fact brimming with essential minerals and vitamins such as omega-3, vitamins A and E and an endless list of health boosting properties. This under-appreciated fruit acts as a natural nutrient booster, enabling the body to better absorb vital nutrients to prevent certain types of cancer. Its potassium-rich content also helps regulate blood pressure, aid digestion and fight against heart diseases.
Store bought smoothie may pack in unhealthy sweeteners to back up its taste which might have a counter effect your waistline instead. What better way spare those unnecessary calories and satisfy your sweet cravings with this ultra boost of nutrients using fresh ingredients from home! Smooth and creamy, avocado is a healthier replacement for ice cream. Freezing soy bean milk cubes overnight adds that delightful cold crunch in every sip. To complete the recipe, simply blend all the ingredients together and that frozen goodness is yours to enjoy.
Mild flavours and creamy texture of this superfruit works great in salads, sandwiches or as a dip too. So effortless yet satisfying, using only 4 basic ingredients in total, create this refreshing avocado smoothie in just 15 minutes!
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4ripe avocados
1litre Vitasoy Original Soya Bean Milk
150g Gula Melaka
60ml water
tsp salt



Freeze 500ml Vitasoy Original Soya Bean Milk in an ice trays overnight.
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In a pot, melt 150g Gula Melaka with 60ml water and ⅛ tsp salt.
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Transfer into a jug. Set aside.
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In a blender, blend until smooth frozen Vitasoy soya bean milk cubes, 4 avocados and 500ml chilled soya bean milk
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Pour Gula Melaka syrup into base of 4 glasses.
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Top up with Vitasoy avocado shake.
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Drizzle a swirl of Gula Melaka syrup on top.
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Serve immediately.
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