Apple Juice Snow Fungus Soup with Gingko Nuts

Given Singapore’s humid weather, we’re constantly not having enough goodness to cool ourselves down. Not to worry as we have a solution for you 🙂
Using MARIGOLD 100% Apple Juice, we gave this dessert a refreshing tartness! Snow fungus is beneficial for your skin, and the gingko nuts give the recipe a bit of bite. It’s also easy to make any day for the family to get that ‘cool’ from the heat!

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Adjust Servings
1dried white fungus flower
1liter marigold 100% apple juice
1.5 liters boiling water
50g nah xing (sweet almond)
50g ginkgo nuts
15red dates
80g rock sugar



Soak 1 dried white fungus flower in hot water for 20 mins
Mark as complete

Drain white fungus and cut into smaller pieces
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To a pot add 1 liter marigold 100% apple juice and 1.5 liters boiling water
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Add white fungus, 50g nah xing (sweet almond), 50g ginkgo nuts, 15 red dates and 80g rock sugar
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Bring to boil and simmer for 1.5 hours
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Let it cool down then refrigerate
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Serve cold
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