Apple and Cinnamon Soy Milk Smoothie

5 mins


2 glasses

Here’s a smooth and refreshing smoothie drink that is great for the Xmas season!
A mix of apples, maple syrup and cinnamon is refreshing with NutriSoy’s No Sugar Added Fresh Soya Milk, and when blended smooth and served using mason jars really feels like a frosty treat – Wonderful for a family or just for two!
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Adjust Servings
200ml NutriSoy No Sugar Added Fresh Soya Milk
2 Apples
20ml maple syrup
2tsp cinnamon powder
8- 10 cubes of ice
Garnish with grated nutmeg



Remove skin of apples and cut into cubes. Add into blender.
Mark as complete

Add NutriSoy No Sugar Added Fresh Soya Milk , maple syrup, cinnamon powder and ice cubes into the blender.
Mark as complete

Blend until smooth and pour smoothie into mason jars. Garnish with grated nutmeg and serve.
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