Abalone XO Sauce Linguine

In the hustle and bustle of Chinese New Year, a quick and simple but extravagant dish is a must. San Remo’s Linguine with Abalone and XO sauce is the perfect meal. It never fails to impress your love ones and guests. 6 ingredients to make a meal to wow everyone. San Remo’s pasta is perfect to withstand and compliment the strong yet umami taste of the XO sauce, the abalone brings the dish together. Finishing off with spring onions and Sakura Ebi.
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200g San Remo Linguine
1 can Abalone (optional immerse can in water and boil for 2 hours to tenderise the abalone):
50g XO sauce
4cloves garlic (minced)
5tbsp oil
black pepper to taste (optional)
Spring onions and Sakura Ebi for garnishing



Bring a pot of water to boil pasta in, add enough salt to make the water 1 tbsp each salt and oil
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Cook pasta for 10 minutes as directed by San Remo
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While pasta is cooking, slice the abalone
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Heat up oil on low heat in a pan
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Fry 4 tbsp minced garlic till fragrant
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Add in 50g of XO sauce. Stir to combined
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At this point, the pasta will be cooked. Drain pasta
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Immediately, put it on the sauce and mix well to combine. Add black pepper to taste
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Dish up on a platter, Garnish with chopped spring onions and Sakura Ebi
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