Chicken Char Siew – 鸡肉叉烧

No oven needed! No special sauces either; just your everyday kitchen sauces to make this sweet-savoury Char Siu marinade. This Char Siu Chicken recipe draws inspiration from the classic Cantonese Char Siu that is usually made of fatty pork shoulder. Now, you can have Char Siu chicken thighs or Char Siu chicken wings too! PS: […]

Korean Style Marinated Pork Belly – 韩式烤五花肉

This grilled pork belly (samgyeopsal-gui) recipe uses a simple marinade from pre-made sauces to recreate flavours straight out of Korea. Drawing rich, savoury flavours from the marinade and fresh pork belly coupled with caramel, umami notes from oyster sauce; these chunks of pork belly pairs deliciously with a crisp lettuce wrap. Check out which Lee […]

Seafood Pao Fan – 海鲜泡饭

This Pao Fan recipe is the ultimate comfort food. With an undeniably rich homemade seafood broth to soak up leftover rice and crispy fried chunks of rice, this dish is food for the soul.   Made too much? Save the broth by freezing them in ice cube trays for the next time you need an […]

Stir Fried Beef with Broccoli – 西兰花炒牛肉

This stir fry recipe has got to be our latest favourite! With so much flavour from fresh beef, kick of spice from chilli padis and umami explosion from oyster sauce (we used Lee Kum Kee Premium Oyster Sauce), this dish easily becomes the star of any meal. This video shows you a cooking hack to […]

Kueh Talam with Chendol – 煎蕊椰糖双层糕

Chendol Kueh Talam is beautiful to look at, and full of textures and flavours! 🤤 Starting with the base, SIS Traditional Coconut Sugar Cubes and coconut milk mixture that gives a bouncy texture that we’re all familiar with in Kuehs. Pro-tip: Be extra careful when mixing the chendol top to keep them whole when steamed. SIS […]

Beef Bolognese Pasta – 肉酱意大利面

Everyone’s got that one special ingredient that makes the Bolognese they grew up with the best. Ours has got to be the carrots and half-half minced pork and beef. Cooked in the beautiful and functional cookware by Smeg, the Bolognese sauce gets to simmer and the flavours really meld together. This hack has revolutionised how […]

MAGGI® Sambal Tahu Goreng

What’s your must-have ingredient in Sambal Goreng Tahu? We can’t decide between the crunchy long beans or crispy tahus 🤤 Using MAGGI® Sambal Tumis Paste, anyone can satisfy their Sambal Goreng craving in no time! Pro-tip: Microwave cubed potatoes to quicken the cooking process. Click to rate this recipe!

Kaya Soft Bread – 咖椰面包

Whether you’re new to making breads or a master, this Kaya Soft Bread recipe will surprise you with its ease! Of course, there’ll be waiting but once you see how soft and stringy they turn out – you’ll be happy waiting. With a stand mixer (we love this slick, sexy Smeg Stand Mixer in Slate […]

Air Fryer Roasted Duck Leg – 空气炸锅烧鸭腿

Isn’t the air fryer the best invention ever? We’ve made snacks to full meals in an air fryer. But we think this might just top everything – a kopitiam classic, this Roast Duck Leg recipe gives you the crisp and tenderness of your favourite Roast Duck stall. With everyday and easy-to-get Lee Kum Kee sauces, […]

MAGGI® Sambal Popcorn Chicken

If you love the spicy chicken at KFC, you MUST try this recipe of Sambal Popcorn Chicken. Think of the best sambal nasi goreng you’ve had but instead of rice, it’s juicy chunks of boneless chicken. MAGGI® Sambal Tumis Paste turns a 1-hour prep time to less than 10 minutes, right before you try to […]


6 Tasty Taiwanese “Xiao Chi” Recipes To Curb Your Travel Cravings

Taiwanese Dishes  The recent cold weather is a welcome respite from the usual heat, but it also reminds us of the cool Taiwan air. In pre-pandemic times, Singaporeans would often take short getaways to Taipei or Jiu Fen, not only for the nicer temperatures but also for the amazing street food. Think XXL Chicken Cutlets, […]

7 Tasty Vegetarian Recipes (That Are Not Salads)

Tasty Vegetarian Recipes From sustainable living to religious practices, there are a myriad of reasons why you may wish to try being vegetarian, or even just to sneak more greens into your diet. Personally, I’ve tried going vegetarian once for religious reasons. Before that, I always thought vegetarian options were very limited, but boy, was […]

7 Saucy Dishes To Keep You Warm On A Cold Night

Comfort food, dishes with sauce    For cold and rainy days, something about dishes with soup or lots of warm sauce just feels right. It’s a comforting combination for everyone at the dinner table — and what’s more, these recipes are all simple to make and super good to eat!    From a hearty beef […]

8 Deepavali Dishes (With 3 Special to Singapore)

Header image adapted from Times of India A ‘Rojak’ Deepavali As a Tamil Singaporean (and enthusiast of Indian culture and traditions), Deepavali is the most important and colourful festival celebrated in my household. In fact, I spend not days, not weeks, but months preparing for it, from prepping outfits to decorating my house. Its also […]

A Day in The Life with The Meatmen

Come behind the scenes of your favourite recipe videos Tucked away in a little corner of Singapore, The Meatmen’s kitchen-studio is where we think, shoot and cook all your favourite recipe videos. For the first time ever, we’re opening our (virtual) doors to you! Follow our poster boy, Jon, and see what goes on behind […]

7 Asian Pastas To Spice Up Your Dinner Table

Easy Fusion Pasta Recipes Pasta is one of the most versatile ingredients to cook with, but perhaps you’re feeling tired of the usual bolognese, carbonara and aglio olio. Well, fusion versions are a good option to spice up your home cooked pasta menu!   These 7 fusion pasta recipes will surely surprise and wow your […]

7 Recipes with 8 Ingredients or Less to Minimise Grocery Trips

Quick and Easy Recipes With the recent spike in community cases, it probably means less dining out at your favorite restaurant or coffee shop, but more time to cook at home instead! Now, you may be dreading that long and daunting grocery list that awaits you, but here’s some good news: we’ve put together 7 […]

6 Dishes You Can Cook Up In Less Than 15 Mins

Quick Meals With MAGGI® Decked in its iconic red and yellow packaging, MAGGI® is a household brand. Just scan your kitchen, you’d definitely find a product or two! From instant noodles to sauces to pre-mixes, there are infinite ways to use MAGGI®. Here are 6 quick and easy dishes that will have you rethinking what […]

How To

Red Glutinous Rice Wine Chicken Mee Sua – 红糟鸡面线

Confinement, a common practice in Asia, is a period of time for women to recuperate from childbirth. The confinement period focuses largely on food, with its diet intended on supporting the mother’s recovery and protecting both mother and child from falling ill.  This Red Glutinous Rice Wine Chicken Mee Sua recipe has sesame oil, ginger […]

How to clean squids

When you’re buying squids or any seafood look for those that has clear eyes, a shine on their exterior and they should smell fresh.