Elvis Sandwich

We recreated the King of Rock and Roll’s favourite snack, it was all madness and a heart stopper but if the king loves it why shouldn’t we.
**Disclaimer – this is not for the weak hearted seriously

Salmon & Prawn Toast

Made using the bread (made by miss x) and pesto sauce from pasta john we got from the farmers market, a simple toast for a quick bite.

Homemade Chips

Ever heard from friends that potato chips like Pringles just aren’t potato chips?
That’s a fact. So we decided to make our own fresh potato chips in the comfort of home.
The key to all this awesome? The mandoline slicer. With it, we were able to have PAPER thin chips, made from potatoes, sweet potatoes, and tapioca. Finish off with salt and squeezed lime with a dash of cayenne pepper and just MIX.

Smoked Duck Wrap

Think Peking duck with a local twist, and what do you get?
The Meatmen Smoked Duck Wrap.


The Gangnam craze may well be over in 2013, but there’s no harm in celebrating the weekend with true blue Kimchi making at home.