Nonya Laksa – 娘惹叻沙

With some tweaks to the previous recipe, we came up with a simpler yet DELICIOUS version. Few things to take note of. Firstly, blend the spice paste as fine as possible and make sure to stir-fry the spice paste till the colour darkens (really important).

Black Vinegar Pig’s Trotters – 猪脚醋

When you mention pig trotters with vinegar, most people will have that preconceived notion that it’s a confinement dish. Traditionally, mummies eat this dish during confinement to keep the body ‘warm’. Ginger is added because it is believed to have similar properties.

Lemon Chicken Chop – 柠檬鸡扒

A long forgotten dish overshadowed by the Taiwanese and Korean fried chicken craze.

Now, everyone must have eaten LEMON CHICKEN or heard of it before somewhere! This classic dish was wildly popular decades ago. Everyone, from the young to the old loved it! Good old crispy fried chicken coated with a sweet and tangy sauce, oozing with fresh scent of lemons.

Crab and Dried Scallop Soup – 蟹肉干贝汤

When we think of thick starchy soups, shark’s fin soup immediately comes to mind. Here’s another hearty and flavourful replacement we came up with!

Every mouthful of this soup will fill your mouth with sweetness from the crab meat and the intense flavours of dried scallops. Bamboo shoots and shiitake mushrooms elevate the texture of this dish, and also add an earthy balance to the seafood flavours.

Christmas Sio Bak – 秘制圣诞烧肉

This special season calls for a special dish. Pork belly is our absolute favourite! And there are many ways to cook this versatile cut of meat, with roasting being our first pick! Who can resist good old crispy siobak skin right?

Orange Sauce Duck Confit

Duck Confit has always been considered one of the more popular dishes in French cuisine – Rather than to fork out dough dining out, we’ll demystify and show you how it can be done simply at the comfort of home using orange juice from MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH! Our version of Duck Confit comes paired with […]

Yuzu Butter Cake

Yuzu butter cakes are always simple yet delicious, and for many of us, a part of our growing up days. We’ve come up with a recipe twist for this classic treat, paired with the freshness of yuzu juice from MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH!

Mango & Mint Slush

Given that it’s always a humid summer season in Singapore, we’re up for making a mocktail today – and what better way to indulge in something refreshing than to add mint in!

Deep Fried Oysters – 酥炸牡蛎

These delightful oyster party poppers suits every occasion from a casual family dinner to a Saturday night party. Sure to make your guests go wow.