Peanut Ice Kacang – 花生红豆冰

Ice Kacang has got to be the most iconic dessert in Singapore and our neighbouring countries! A Mountain of shaved ice, drenched in different coloured syrup and sometimes gula melaka. As kids we used to LOVE standing around and watch the uncle/auntie prepare this sweet treat. (and we still do)

Frog legs with Ginger & Scallion – 姜葱田鸡

Frog meat is literally named “field chicken” in Mandarin, which is indeed a more than appropriate name. For those who hasn’t tasted frog meat before, It does taste very similar to chicken, with a slightly soft and springy texture.

Five Spice Calamari with Wasabi Mayo – 芥末鱿鱼圈

Wasabi mayo typically goes with prawns. BUT this time round we decided to pair it with one of our FAVOURITE BEER FOODS – Calamari!

Other than the usual salt and pepper, we added five spice powder to the batter which imparts a more sophisticated flavour to the dish.

Steamed Stuffed Sotong – 肉碎酿鱿鱼

A homely and traditional dish that seems to be slowly forgotten over time, this is an underrated wholesome recipe that one can prepare a satisfying meal for the whole family any day.

Butter Pork Chops – 奶油猪扒

Singaporeans Love deep fried stuff with a capital “L”. As per requested, deep fried crispy pork chops coated with a rich and buttery sauce which is infused with curry leaves aroma. DEFINITELY can’t say no to THIS!

Sambal Kang Kong – 马来风光

Sambal kangkong is a dish that doesn’t need much prep and looks deceptively simple. BUT, here’s a tip we figured out. The wok has to be SMOKING hot when the kangkong goes in! Fry a small portion at a time and don’t be greedy because the moment too much kangkong hits the wok, the temperature lowers and your stir fry becomes soup!

Pork Ribs King – 排骨王

Happy holidays guys, and do we have a new dish for you! When a dish is called Pork Ribs KING (排骨王), it had better be good! In our case it was definitely worthy of that title. Also referred to as Kyoto Pork Ribs (京都排骨), this dish surprisingly has no direct relationship to Japanese culture. For our version here, we decided to use the cut of pork ribs instead of the usual pork chop that most recipes have used.

Claypot Tofu – 砂锅豆腐

As opposed to a furiously sizzling hot plate, a claypot is believed to be able to retain heat and keep food bubbling hot while also retaining the flavours. The key is to use square pressed tofu that can retain its shape after frying.

Cantonese Steamed Fish – 粤式蒸鱼

The key to a fish or any seafood dish is always in the freshness, the eyes of the fish must be bright, clear, and convex, no pungent smell, gills should be bright red and the belly should be firm, not swollen or sunken. We got ours live from the tank this morning!