Chai Tow Kway – 菜头粿

Black, or white? There’s always the debate on whether people like the black or white version of carrot cake, and we’re happy to say WE DID BOTH. Who needs choice when you can have both?

Braised Duck – 卤鸭

Thank God it’s Friday, and do we have a TREAT to try over the weekend! The Chinese, especially Teochews and Hokkiens love to braise their food. A good braised duck is cooked with love in a pot of soy sauce based braising liquid with essential aromatics.

Chwee Kueh – 水粿

One of our local breakfast favourites, this is something that every Singaporean loves with a passion!

Chwee Kueh literally means water cake. It is a type of steamed rice cake topped with preserved radish (chye por).

Cuttlefish Kangkong – 鱿鱼应菜

People who love Rojak will very likely be big on Cuttlefish Kangkong as well. It’s refreshing to have the blanched cuttlefish mixed together Kangkong (water spinach), added with the spicy yet sweet peanut sauce.

Prawn and Pork Ribs Noodle Soup – 排骨虾面

It comes as no secret that a good bowl of Prawn Noodles lies in a few factors, the texture of the noodles, prawns cooked just right QQ, chop stick tender pork ribs and last but not least THE BROTH. Many of us who love hawker fare will definitely love a good bowl of soupy Prawn Noodles, and we’re no execption!

Begedil – 炸马铃薯饼

Everyone loves fried potatoes! Begedil, a Malay style fried potato patty made with mashed potatoes, spices and Chinese celery.

Thai Steamed Barramundi with Lime Sauce

For those looking for a meal to be cooked within 15 minutes, this is it!

This dish tastes awesome, not to mention that it’s quick and easy to make too. The use of this hot & sour sauce really kicked up our appetite, and once you’re done with your first mouthful you really don’t want to stop.