Sweet and Sour Vinegar Spare Ribs – 糖醋排骨

Literally meaning sugar and vinegar, this is a dish with classic Chinese origins. Zhe Jiang vinegar is made from fermented glutinous rice. It is dark in colour and and has a rich and smoky flavour. These flavours are then imparted to the pork ribs during the cooking process. Sugar makes the sauce rich and sticky, allowing it to coat itself on the spare ribs. Giving this dish the perfect SWEET and SOUR balance!

Another one of those dishes you can whip up in practically no time at all and still tastes really good!

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  • Servings: 4

  • Time: 30 min

  • Skill: Intermediate


  1. 500g spare ribs

  2. 2 tbsp cornstarch

  3. Fresh coriander for garnish

  4. oil for deep frying

  5. Marinade

  6. 1 tbsp light soy sauce

  7. 1 tbsp hua tiao wine

  8. 1 tsp salt

  9. ½ tsp white pepper

  10. 1 tbsp sesame oil

  11. 1 tsp sodium bicarbonate

  12. Sauce

  13. 2 tbsp oil

  14. 2 tbsp minced garlic

  15. ¼ cup zhejiang vinegar

  16. 2 tbsp sugar


  1. Marinate 500g spare ribs with

  2. 1 tbsp light soy sauce, 1 tbsp hua tiao wine, 1 tsp salt, ½ tsp white pepper, 1 tbsp sesame oil and 1 tsp sodium bicarbonate

  3. mix well and set aside for 30 mins

  4. Add 2 tbsp cornstarch to spare ribs

  5. Mix well

  6. Heat sufficient oil in a wok, deep-fry spare ribs till golden brown

  7. Drain and set aside

  8. Heat 2 tbsp oil in wok

  9. Add ¼ cup zhejiang vinegar

  10. and 2 tbsp sugar

  11. Cook till sauce thickens slightly

  12. Add spare ribs and mix well

  13. Serve and garnish with fresh coriander