Salmon & Prawn Toast

Made using the bread (made by miss x) and pesto sauce from pasta john we got from the farmers market, a simple toast for a quick bite.

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  • Servings: 4

  • Time: 20 min

  • Skill: Easy


  1. walnut and raisin bread (or any other of your preference)

  2. smoked salmon

  3. tomatoes

  4. prawns

  5. pesto sauce

  6. salt and pepper to taste


  1. Slice the bread, spread butter and toast

  2. Grill whole tomatoes

  3. Sauté prawns, season with salt and pepper

  4. Add pesto

  5. followed by chopped tomatoes

  6. On toasted bread, lay a slice of smoked salmon and grilled tomatoes

  7. On another slice of bread, spoon Sautéd prawns