Pineapple Tarts – 凤梨挞

Pineapple tarts must be the most popular CNY snack in Singapore! The sweet fibrous pineapple jam filling, seated on a crumbly buttery tart base. Who doesn’t like the sound of that?

Instead of grating the pineapples the traditional way we made use of our Magimix food processor and got the grating down under 1 min! By taking time to slowly cook the pineapple fibre in it’s own juices, the flavour intensify, creating a jam that’s both texturally pleasing and flavorful.

There are a couple of variations to this classic snack, from the “open faced” ones to the rectangular taiwanese variant where the filling is wrapped in the pastry. Our favourite type is still the “open faced” ones because, during the baking process the pineapple jam caramelizes and produces this sweet wonderful taste and aroma that one simply cannot resist.

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  • Servings: 4

  • Time: 1 hr 45 min

  • Skill: Intermediate


  1. Pineapple Jam

  2. 2 large honey pineapples

  3. 2 sticks of cinnamon

  4. 1 star anise

  5. 5 cloves

  6. 80g sugar

  7. 80ml honey

  8. juice from half a lemon

  9. Cookie batter

  10. 120g cold unsalted butter

  11. 200g plain flour

  12. 1 egg

  13. 20g icing sugar

  14. pinch of salt

  15. Egg wash

  16. 1 egg

  17. 1 tbsp water


  1. Remove skin and eyes from 2 large honey pineapples

  2. Cut them into quarters

  3. Grate them using a food processor

  4. Separate the pulp and the juice

  5. Transfer pineapple pulp to a pot

  6. Add 2 sticks of cinnamon, 1 star anise, 5 cloves, ¼ of the pineapple juice and 80g sugar

  7. Continuously stir the jam while cooking,

  8. adding in the pineapple juice a little at a time

  9. Once the pineapple jam starts to dry out and darken add 80ml honey

  10. Add juice from half a lemon

  11. Remove cinnamon, star anise and cloves from the jam

  12. Continuously stir until jam becomes dry and sticky

  13. Set aside to let it cool down completely

  14. Roll jam in to 10g balls and set aside on a tray with baking paper

  15. Add 200g plain flour to the food processor

  16. Add 120g cold unsalted butter.

  17. Pulse until mixture become a crumbly like consistency

  18. Add an egg, 20g icing sugar and a pinch of salt

  19. Mix well until a dough forms

  20. Dust your worktop with flour

  21. Knead dough until it becomes a smooth ball

  22. Divide dough into 4 portions

  23. Flatten dough to around 1 cm

  24. Cut them into pieces using a pineapple tart cutter

  25. Add pineapple balls on top

  26. Brush with egg wash

  27. Bake in 180ºC oven for 10 to 15 mins or till lightly brown